Exploring Leapdroid: IT Innovator Thriving in Katy, Texas Heartland

Exploring Leapdroid: IT Innovator Thriving in Katy, Texas Heartland

Located in the burgeoning technological hub of Katy, Texas, a wealth of companies are making significant strides in the Information Technology industry. These organizations, ranging from burgeoning startups to established firms, contribute to the innovation and advancement of IT through various forms of software, cloud computing, and cybersecurity, among others. Let us introduce you to some of these companies headquartered in Katy, making significant strides in Information Technology.

These companies offer a fascinating look into the area’s burgeoning technological sector, offering solutions in a diverse array of niches ranging from motivating software developers to data exchange for health facilities. This vibrant mix contributes to Katy’s growing reputation as an IT hotspot.

From healthcare analytics to automated software solutions, there is an impressive variety of specialties among these Katy-based organizations. It is crucial to highlight the important work these companies are doing – each adding a unique slice to the tech pie in their own innovative way.


Qoreboard, co-founded by Jeremy Johnston and Michael Midgett, provides an innovative approach to worker motivation. Utilizing a microgoal system, similar to health trackers, workers are given actionable insights and motivational messages based on their performance.

Their coaching system is data-based, eliminating the need for generic “gut-feel” coaching. You can connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Boost Profits

Boost Profits, founded by Rocky Emery, is an ISO offering a disruptive full-service technology through its unique Boost Gateway services. It provides technology solutions that enable seamless integration into over 1275 technology solutions, significantly saving corporations time, money, and resources.

Energy Plum Texas LLC

Founded by Christopher Landrum and Robert Wichert, MS, PE, EnergyPlum offers a comprehensive back-office platform, specifically designed for those in the Texas power market. The SaaS-based platform, developed in collaboration with several national Retail Energy Providers, Smart Meter Texas, ERCOT, and a myriad of brokers, caters to the Texas power industry. You can connect with them on LinkedIn here.

Cambay Consulting

Cambay Consulting is a software development and consulting company, providing tailored solutions according to specific company needs. Since its establishment in 2012, Cambay has been specializing in assembling and managing teams of highly skilled technical professionals. Their online presence can be found on LinkedIn.


Hartigen specializes in consulting, IT, and software services. They can also be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Akros TechLabs

Akros Techlabs, co-founded by Sid Prasanna, offers a reliable multi-factor authentication solution designed for the security needs of cloud and mobile technology markets. Their solution secures access across several domains, delivering an all-around safer experience.


Medi-Code, founded by Rohit Saxena, provides IT infrastructure for health facilities, with emphasis on data sharing, analytics, and telemedicine. Its main features enhance healthcare provider networks with the ability to handle incentivized programs effectively. Be sure to follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Synersys Technologies

Synersys Technologies is a global solutions provider that includes business intelligence, SAP HANA, AMS services, and other reporting and development tools. They strive to deliver customized solutions to meet the specific needs of every customer. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Kennedy International Software

Check out Kennedy International Software for IT consulting, outsourcing, and professional services. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Staff Force Personnel Services

Staff Force Personnel Services offers consulting, HR, and staffing agency services centered around IT for small to medium-sized businesses. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Cirrus Cybersecurity

Last but not least, Cirrus Cybersecurity provides advice, consulting, and cybersecurity services. To stay updated with them, follow their Twitter and LinkedIn.

With their varied and specialized contributions, these Katy, Texas-based companies are putting the city on the map as a hub for technological innovation, pushing boundaries and making impressive strides in the fields of Information Technology, Software, and Cybersecurity.

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