Leapdroid: Pioneering Emulation Technology from Auckland’s Tech Industry

In the beautiful city of Auckland, a wave of innovation flows silently beneath the standard city hustle. This city in New Zealand is not only home to a picturesque landscape but also to several high-tech companies blooming in Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Machine Learning, Retail Technology, etc. This article sets out to explore some of these companies running operations in the computer industry, and their significant contributions to the tech world.

These companies have established their headquarters in Auckland, marking it as a hotspot of tech development. Whether creating new software, redefining retail experience, or revolutionizing communication, these companies have something unique up their sleeves, shaping the way we interact with technology and providing solutions to problems some of us don’t even realize we have.

The innovation these companies bring demonstrates that Auckland is not only a beautiful city with stunning landscapes, but it also holds a significant position in the tech world. Here are some of the remarkable tech companies you should keep an eye on.


Founded by Peter Szoldan and William Chomley, Imagr is a retail technology company specialising in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision. The company focuses on simplifying shopping experiences with their vision-only, white-label autonomous checkout solution for retailers. Linking up with their system includes a mobile imaging station, light and camera-fitted shopping trolleys, and retailer and shopper apps, all creating a seamless shopping experience. Imagr on Linkedin | @imagr_ on Twitter


Helmed by Gareth Cronin, Josh Comrie, and Tim Warren, Ambit leverages artificial intelligence to shape interactions between businesses and users. Focusing on natural language processing and machine learning, Ambit’s conversational AI platform accelerates efficient communication with exceptional accuracy and tact. Ambit on Linkedin | @AIAmbit on Twitter | Ambit on Facebook

Altered State Machine

Altered State Machine presents itself as an AI development platform where any developer can create, grow, and compete with AI-based agents. It enables trading AIs as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), pushing a new evolution for NFTs in the industry. Altered State Machine on Linkedin | @altstatemachine on Twitter


MATTR is a tech company in the computer and IT industry based in Auckland. MATTR on Linkedin | @mattrglobal on Twitter


Operating in the finance and computer industry, Verde offers software services aimed at optimizing business operations. Verde on Facebook | Verde on Linkedin | @verdenz on Twitter

Massive Software

Massive Software, a major player in Auckland’s tech scene, operates in the animation and computer industry, producing innovative software solutions. Massive Software on Facebook | Massive Software on Linkedin | @massivelimited on Twitter


Created by Michael Witbrock and Yunli Lu, TransAxon is at the forefront of neuro-engineering and AI development. Their work is situated on the intersection of artificial intelligence and biotechnology, focusing on brain-computer interface (BCI) innovations. TransAxon on Linkedin | @tranzaxon on Twitter


Autoplay, a tech company focusing on the automotive industry, offers customized solutions for different automotive needs. Autoplay on Facebook | Autoplay on Linkedin


Geneious is a prominent contributor to Auckland’s computer software industry, developing user-friendly software for complicated tasks. Geneious on Linkedin | Geneious on Twitter

Journey Digital

Founded by Dane Tatana, Journey Digital is a customer experience company that creates apps and websites to enhance customer interaction. With a strong advocacy for digitalization, they aim to improve consumer experiences through engaging, personalized, and user-friendly digital interactions. Journey Digital on Facebook | Journey Digital on Linkedin


JAVA Hi-Fi establishes its niche in the computer, electronics, and manufacturing industry. Their range offers audio equipment designed to deliver remarkably accurate sound, setting a new standard for audio equipment.

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