Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Innovation from Bangalore’s Tech Hub

Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Innovation from Bangalore’s Tech Hub

The Indian city of Bangalore, Karnataka is well-known as a technological hub, especially when it comes to the Android industry. A variety of innovative companies operating within this industry call Bangalore their home. From businesses focused on real estate and fitness to those developing unique software solutions, the Android sector in Bangalore is versatile and thriving. In this article, we will spotlight several of these companies, offering a closer look at what they do, who founded them, and the services they provide.


Co-living spaces provider Zolo was founded in 2015 by Akhil Sikri, Isha Choudhry, Nikhil Sikri, and Sneha Choudhry. Known for being a one-stop destination for individuals seeking shared accommodation options, Zolo operates under the industries of Android, Mobile, Real Estate, Rental, Rental Property, Service Industry, and Social Media. The platform prides itself in offering both basic and luxury amenities, providing a hassle-free living experience. Find Zolo on @zolostays, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Niki aims to connect Bharat to the internet economy through advanced conversational technology. Co-founded by Keshav Prawasi, Nitin Babel, Sachin Jaiswal, and Shishir Modi. Niki is delivering trust and service to over 150 Million customers in Bharat. The company offers a strong supply side gatekeeping to ensure the provision of quality goods and services. Follow Niki’s journey on @talktoniki, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Digio, co-founded by Abhinav Parashar and Sanket Nayak, provides paperless and hassle-free digital process solutions. Operating in the Android, E-Commerce, Internet, SaaS, Software and Web Apps industries, Digio offers an application software that digitizes documents and enables users to fill online forms using an electronic signature gateway. You can connect with Digio on @digio_in, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

BYG – BookYourGame

In the fitness industry, BYG (Book Your Game) is making a strong impact. Founded by Devi Biswal and Avijeet Alagathi, BYG is an online platform that enables individuals to find gyms and fitness centers in their localities. The platform offers a wide array of physical activities to choose from, such as aerobics, cross-fit, dance, yoga, and more. Stay in touch with BYG through their Twitter handle @bookyourgame, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

WhatsCut Pro

WhatsCut Pro, founded by Ramees P., Rizwan Sadath, Sushin Pv, and Vikas Shrivastav, is a platform developed for creating and sharing interesting videos and audio stories across multiple social media platforms and chat messengers. The platform focuses on features such as Advanced Video Story Making and Interactive WhatscutPro wall and is part of the Android, Audio, Consumer Applications, Content, and Mobile Apps industries. WhatsCut Pro can be connected on @whatscutpro, Facebook and LinkedIn.


InstaSell, co-founded by Abhishek Sebin and Supriya Aggarwal, is a software development company that focuses on increasing conversion rates by turning casual site visitors into actual customers. Running under the Android, iOS, Mobile Apps, and Software industries, InstaSell offers live selling to make e-commerce feel like a real-life shopping experience. Check out InstaSell on their Twitter handle @InstaSellHQ, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Appdra, founded by Narendra Yallabandi and Raghavendra Prasad, is a mobile app development company with a focus on transforming traditional platform applications onto mobile platforms. Among the industries of Android, Consulting, iOS, Mobile Apps, Software, and Web Development, Appdra’s mission is to help organizations meet their challenges in the field of software development. You can connect with Appdra on @AppdraSoft, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Duolop, founded by Aniket Kumar, is a relationship app for two people in love. Operating in the Android, Apps, Consumer Applications, Dating, E-Commerce, Information Technology, Internet, Mobile Apps, Software and Video Chat industries, Duolop provides a private chat, shared gallery, audio and video calls, and more. Engage with the Duolop community on @duolop, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Prowide Solutions

Founded by Triveni Shankar, Prowide Solutions is a developer’s company in the true sense of the word. It develops web and mobile applications, e-commerce portals, websites, and offers additional services such as content writing, digital marketing, SEO, and business consulting. It operates in the Android, Consulting, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Information Technology, Internet, Marketing, SEO, Software, and Web Design industries. Follow Prowide Solutions on their Twitter handle @Prowide2016, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

TechJini Solutions Pvt Ltd

TechJini is a multinational software services company founded by Amit Rana and Shyamal Mehta. Focused on web & mobile product engineering, application development, UX design & maintenance services, TechJini is delivering technology solutions to leading enterprises across multiple industry verticals. Stay connected with Tech Jini via their Twitter handle @techjini, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Little Eye Labs

Little Eye Labs is a firm offering performance analysis tools for Android developers. Founded by Aditya Kulkarni, Giridhar Murthy, Kumar Rangarajan, and Kumar Rangarajan, Little Eye Labs belongs to the Android, Mobile, Software, and Test and Measurement industries. Little Eye connects with its clients and users through @littleeyelabs, Facebook, and LinkedIn


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