Leapdroid: Leading Ad Network Innovator Based in New York City

Leapdroid: Leading Ad Network Innovator Based in New York City

New York City is home to an ever-increasing collection of innovative companies working in the Ad Network industry. As one of the world’s largest business hubs, the city attracts businesses from a diverse range of sectors. However, there has been a notable growth in the number of companies specializing in Ad Network, Advertising, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and SaaS. This article provides an insight into some of the most prominent companies functioning in this industry, their work, and the minds that fuel their progress.


AdTheorent is a leading provider of predictive digital advertising technology and solutions for brands and agencies. Leveraging Big Data and its proprietary machine learning technology, AdTheorent provides advertisers a way to predictively connect with their optimal audiences at scale. The firm was founded by Anthony Iacovone, Dogan Aksoy, and Josh Walsh. Find out more about AdTheorent here.


AppNexus is a pioneer in the field of programmatic online advertising and provides an enterprise technology platform that maximizes yield and campaign performance for sellers and buyers of online inventory. Brian O’Kelley and Mike Nolet founded AppNexus, which is now based in New York City with several other offices in the United States and around the world. Get more details about AppNexus here.


Adventr, an innovation by DeVon Harris and Ryan Aviles, enables its users to design, distribute, and analyze interactive, viewer-driven, video content via its drag and drop SaaS network. You can learn more about Adventr’s proprietary platform here.


Soomla, founded by Boris Spektor, Gur Dotan, Refael Dakar, and Yaniv Nizan, gives publishers advertising insights in applications that lead the measurement sphere of monetization. Find out more about Soomla here.

Jump Ramp

Jump Ramp is one of New York City’s fastest growing mobile-first companies. Founded by Alex Betancur and Tony Vartanian, Jump Ramp is the leader in innovative promotions, rewards, and instant winning experiences through free mobile casual gaming. More details about Jump Ramp can be found here.

Think Gaming

Think Gaming, the brainchild of Michael Hoydich, Ted Shergalis, and Tim Ogilvie, is the first mobile advertising data co-op. Its platform helps mobile game developers find the best paying users. Find out more about Think Gaming here.


Clickky, founded by Vadim Rogovskiy, is a full-stack platform for mobile advertisers and publishers. The company provides both programmatic and performance solutions. For more information about the products and services provided by Clickky, click here.


Hipcricket provides a unified mobile engagement platform that drives awareness, sales, and loyalty. The AD LIFE platform, founded by Jason Snyder, has been used by internationally recognized brands and agencies to power over 400,000 campaigns. Learn more about Hipcricket and its innovative service here.

Advertiser Perceptions

Advertiser Perceptions is currently on a mission to improve the Ad Network industry. You can learn more about Advertiser Perceptions here.


Mojiva Inc., the creation of Dan Goikhman, Krish Arvapally, and Miles Spencer, is the parent company of Mojiva, the mobile ad network, and Mocean Mobile, the mobile ad serving platform. You can get more information about Mojiva here.


my6sense, founded by Avinoam Rubinstain and Barak Hachamov, offers a white label programmatic native advertising platform for mobile advertisers and publishers. Find further details about my6sense here.

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