Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulator Innovation from Oslo’s Software Hub

Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulator Innovation from Oslo’s Software Hub


Opera is a pioneering force behind more secure and innovatively designed web browsers. Spearheaded by founders Geir Ivarsøy and Jon S. von Tetzchner, Opera has developed browsers that enrich the user experience and have attracted over 350 million people worldwide. Based in Oslo, Norway, the company has ventured into other technologically driven services such as mobile internet and search, mobile payments, and more recently, data compression and artificial intelligence.


CHOOOSE is a disruptive player in the clean technology industry, founded by Andreas Slettvoll and Martine Kveim. Based in Oslo, Norway, the company provides cutting-edge APIs and software that offer climate compensation options at every customer point-of-contact – be it at checkout or within apps. Their versatile platform already features numerous trusted and pre-vetted climate solutions, making it easier for businesses to incorporate climate action into their customer experiences.


Vev is on a mission to redefine the standard for building anything on the web. A product of the collective genius of Fredrik Evjen Ekli, Nicolay Thafvelin, and Tine Karlsen, Vev merges content marketing, web development, and software to empower everyone to push the boundaries of creative design. Based in Oslo, Norway, they aspire to bring a sense of enterprise to every open-web project.


reMarkable stands true to its name by reshaping the way we perceive traditional writing tools. Under the leadership of Magnus Wanberg, reMarkable engineered a unique paper tablet that is set to replace notebooks and printed documents. Hailing from Oslo, Norway, reMarkable has successfully combined digital media and consumer electronics into a seamless writing experience that blurs the lines between the traditional and the modern.


Ardoq, founded by Erik Bakstad, Kristian Øvsthus, and Magnulf Pilskog, help businesses map their complexities into digestible strategies. With its dynamic, data-driven tools, Ardoq charts a clear course for organizations walking on the road to digital transformation. They help to bridge the gap between technology and people, empowering enterprises to make better decisions using its dashboards, interactive visualizations, and diagrams. Ardoq is proud to call Oslo, Norway, its home.


Kahoot! started as a mission among four innovative minds, Alf Inge Wang, Asmund Furuseth, Jamie Brooker, and Johan Brand to make learning an engaging and interactive experience. Garnering educators, students, and corporate giants alike worldwide, Kahoot! has permanently altered the traditional methods of teaching and learning, making them more vibrant, more personal, and just more fun. Based in Oslo, Norway, Kahoot! is carving out its indelible mark in the EdTech world.


Xeneta, a brainchild of Patrik Berglund, Thomas Sorbo, and Vilhelm K. Vardoy is a sought after software solution for real-time monitoring of ocean container freight rates. With it’s one platform design, they are providing a unique solution that fuses logistics, analytics, and enterprise software, benefiting businesses keeping them updated about the fluctuations in the shipping market prices. Founded in 2012, Xeneta operates from Oslo, Norway.


Think of any meeting space and Neat, established by Simen Teigre, has the technology to make it feel almost like a face-to-face interaction. Neat’s range of cutting-edge video meeting devices challenge the barriers set by geography and bring in crystal clear audio and visual experiences, thus redefining the rigid limits of telecommunications. Operating from Oslo, Norway, Neat‘s team of innovators are making virtual communications more feels real.


Pixotope is a leading provider of ground-breaking software products and services for virtual production. Founded by Bård Anders Kasin and Jens Petter Høili, Pixotope comes with an array of award-winning technologies that provide real-time visual effects, thus creating cross-reality content. The company has its roots in Oslo, Norway, and branch offices across the globe.


Led by Espen Antonsen, Kjell Richard Bjørntvedt, Nicolai Pedersen, and Steinar Jordbakke, 24SevenOffice is an all-inclusive business platform aimed at SMEs. Offering fully integrated services covering accounting, CRM, invoicing, project management, and much more. Based in Oslo, Norway, 24SevenOffice is on a constant quest to make the lives of business owners and employees easier.


Founded by Egil Østhus and Ivar Conradi Østhus, Unleash has emerged as a reliable open-source feature management platform for developers. Operating from Oslo, Norway, Unleash leverages the power of open-source, letting developers and enterprises control their product features for better roll-out and testing.

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