Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulation From Irvine’s Tech Hub

Leapdroid is thrilled to bring you a deep dive into some of the standout companies operating in the Information Technology Industry located in Irvine, California. Irvine is a city that has been attracting tech enthusiasts and providing fertile ground for cutting-edge startups and established companies, all contributing to a tech hotspot that continues to grow and innovate. This series will draw your attention to each company’s unique contributions, specifications, and founders, acting as a spotlight on tech industry movers shakers and breadmakers based in Irvine.


Cie is a budding innovation accelerator that caters to both large enterprises and emerging startups. Their niche lies within creating leading digital solutions, functioning as an innovation lab for a variety of global brands, and acting as a platform to develop and introduce groundbreaking ideas into new technology ventures. Their core team is replete with tech industry veterans who have served in key roles at Amazon, Yahoo!, Overture, eBay, Nativo, and Internet Brands. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter


SecureAuth stands tall in the industry as a leading player in access management and authentication solutions lineup. Their forte lies in providing the most secure and passwordless, continuous authentication experience for employees, partners, and customers through Arculix™, a comprehensive end-to-end access management, and authentication solution. SecureAuth’s adoption of AI & Machine Learning for risk analytics propels their ability to secure identities everywhere. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter


Ecotrak is a highly acclaimed platform purposed to simplify facilities, asset, and project management for multi-site businesses. Their mission is to empower businesses with actionable information, enabling better decision-making processes that foster growth and efficiency. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter


Cloudvirga boasts an intelligent mortgage platform, designed to streamline the mortgage process by harnessing the power of automation and data. From reducing the cost to shortening the time it takes to close loans, Cloudvirga has become increasingly vital to lenders and borrowers. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter


Ten-X is home to an online real estate marketplace that revolutionizes the buying and selling of commercial and residential real estate properties via desktop and mobile technology. This platform offers complete online transactions to both buyers and sellers. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

Solarflare Communications

Solarflare Communications is a computer networking major specializing in providing neural-class networks and technologies for distributed, ultra-scale, software-defined datacenters. Their comprehensive tech solutions are becoming increasingly integral in modern data center operations. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

Turion Space

Turion Space is a space technology company specializing in the assembly, testing, and operation of “Droid” spacecraft. Their unique spacecraft is used for the removal of orbital debris and servicing operational satellites to enhance or extend their operational lifetimes. LinkedIn | Twitter


As a subsidiary of Eventbrite, Ticketfly is a tech firm that focuses on redefining the live event experience with their ticketing, digital marketing, and analytics software. Ticketfly makes it easy for fans to find and purchase tickets while equipping promoters with tools to boost sales. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter


BreezeML offers a variety of products that help customers quickly productize their ML toolsand optimize their use of cloud resources.LinkedIn

Accurate Background

Accurate Background is a trusted provider of compliant, automated workforce screening solutions. Catering to over 13,000 global organizations that trust their services to mitigate risk, reduce cost, and enhance both client and candidate experiences. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter provides an automated cybersecurity management platform that enables startups and small businesses to effectively deploy and maintain data security while building trust, transparency, and accelerating business growth. Their cost-effective subscription service includes automation and centralized technologies to mitigate risk and protect business data. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

These companies are instrumental in various sectors across the IT industry. From developing advanced and secure cybersecurity solutions to creating innovative platforms for simplifying complex tasks, they are the watchword for success in Irvine’s IT landscape. They are consistently pushing the boundaries in their respective industries, driving innovation, empowering, and setting standards for others to follow.

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