Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulation Solutions from Odense’s IT Hub

Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulation Solutions from Odense’s IT Hub

Odense, the third-largest city of Denmark, an important cultural and economic hub, but most importantly, a flourishing hub for the Information Technology industry. This endearing city, set in the heart of Denmark’s region of South Denmark, is home to numerous IT companies making strides in the global tech landscape. This article aims to shed light on some of the remarkable companies based in Odense, their industry footprint, and their contribution to the ever-evolving IT domain.

A multitude of IT companies have made themselves comfortable in Odense, driving vast technological evolutions. From Enterprise Software and Financial Services to Robotics and E-Learning, these Odense-based companies have exhibited remarkable expertise in an array of tech specialties. Let’s delve into the profiles of these notable companies headquartered in the modern and vibrant city of Odense.

The companies listed below have demonstrated their prowess in leveraging contemporary technologies and have set benchmarks in their respective sectors. From developing industry-leading software applications that simplify expense management to creating a state-of-the-art robotics interface that aids the manufacturing sector, the IT companies situated in Odense are positioned right at the forefront of technological innovation.


Founded by Jørgen Christian Juul, Cardlay is a fintech firm that specializes in integrating expense management and payment cards into a single platform. With its real-time notifications and virtual account functionality, tracking multiple transactions is as effortless as it is quick. Cardlay serves to bridge the gap between businesses and their financial operations, bolstering efficiency and freeing up crucial resources.

Encode Marketing Software

Encode Marketing Software was conceived by Steen Egholm Sorensen. Its software simplifies marketing production processes, delivering cost savings and increased productivity. With experts specializing in various fields teamed together, Encode offers 360 degrees of professional service in Time to Market.

Nordbo Robotics

Founded by Jimmy Alison Jørgensen, Leo Zhou, and Mori Shuhi, Nordbo Robotics develops robotic software facilitating complex surface processing automation for industries. It thrives on enabling the collaboration between man and machine, marrying craftsman’s know-how with robotic precision.


Sensohive ApS is a promising IoT technology firm founded by Casper Bernhoj Harlev, Tim Larsen, and Tobias Ejersbo. The focus of the firm is to digitize the construction industry, offering data-driven decisions and process optimization.

KUBO Robot

Incepted by Daniel Lindegaard and Tommy Otzen, KUBO Robot imparts children with the experience of exploring robotics, programming, and complex problem-solving through tangible play, all without the necessity of prior knowledge of programming, or the need for a tablet or computer.

HATO Medical Technologies

HATO Medical Technologies was set up by Steffen Yndal, with the ambitious goal of revolutionizing ECG analysis. Using artificial intelligence and deep learning, HATO transforms existing data into easy-to-understand 3D visualization, aiding decision-making in critical situations.


Founded by Michael Behrens, IntraManager is a flourishing IT firm based out in Odense. While not much information has been disclosed about the firm, it is steadily picking up pace in the IT industry.

Lorenz Technology

Lorenz Technology, founded by Helge Munk and Lars Lorenzt, works on drone monitoring security/inspection tasks mainly for industrial and port areas.


Founded by Nicklas Nguyen, Shipmondo is a firm operating in the E-Commerce space. It provides efficient shipping solutions and is located in Odense.


Classerium is an E-Learning platform developed by Brian Piehl and Dmitry Fedotov. Their platform offers a highly customizable White-Label program for digital information delivery to end-users.

Customers 1st

Operating in the e-commerce and POS system spaces, Customers 1st was Founded by Brian Jakobsen, Lasse Melbye, and Rasmus Melbye. It helps retailers around the world enchant their customers with experiences beyond imagination.

In conclusion, Odense is a thriving IT hub packed with companies on a mission to harness the potential of technology to drive significant advancements in various industries. These companies have been making a name for themselves not just in Denmark, but globally, fostering the growth of Odense as an international tech hotspot.

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