Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulation Innovation in Kfar Saba, Israel


In the heart of Israel, more accurately Kfar Saba, HaMerkaz, a nucleus of technology-driven companies is penetrating the global software and applications industry with innovative concepts and ground-breaking solutions. From managing trade finance to redefining human interaction within the digital world, these companies are not only changing how we perceive technology but also setting higher standards for future development.

Here’s a close look at some noteworthy companies operating in Kfar Saba, HaMerkaz, Israel who are paving the path towards a more digitized future with their groundbreaking solutions in the software industry. These companies include Base, Proggio, N-Trig, Pebbles Interfaces, Surecomp, Wyze, My Single Point, Prise Systems, IKIDO, Reality Plus and Yael Group.

This article gives a glimpse of these companies, their founders, areas of expertise, their work, and how their groundbreaking solutions are shaping the software industry.


Base is a disruptive B2B solution pushing the boundaries of communities, marketing, marketing automation, sales automation, and software. Founded by Gal Biran and Gal Briner, Base is creating a platform where all customer interactions take place, providing key insights to understand their needs to enhance performance.


Proggio, the brainchild of Barak Schiby and Yaniv Shor, is an enterprise project portfolio designed for end-to-end portfolio visualization, alignment, and execution. They offer managerial and team alignment and support project plans and execution.


N-Trig, co-founded by Meir Morag, is a startup specializing in the development of touchscreen interfaces and pen styluses used in a myriad of applications to boost interactivity.

Pebbles Interfaces

Israel Grossinger and Nadav Grossinger turned their belief that human gestures could interact seamlessly with digital platforms into the formation of Pebbles Interfaces – a company that develops motion sensors to project physical objects into the digital world.


Founded by Sergio Viere, Surecomp provides trade finance solutions for banks and multinational corporations, streamlining the transaction lifecycle to increase efficiencies and maximize profits.


Founded by Itsik Hanan,Wyze specializes in the development and maintenance of distributed software systems.

My Single Point

Ynon Shild conceptualized My Single Point with a vision to simplify collaborative goal planning and management for Fortune 2000 business leaders.

Prise Systems

With its acclaimed expertise, Prise Systems, develops state-of-the-art, integrated systems covering a variety of fields.


IKIDO, co-founded by Guy Eron and Roy Dar, is an adaptive real-time bill of materials optimization platform that improves component selection and offers alternatives and sources right from the first day of design to the end of the product life cycle.

Reality Plus

Reality Plus, founded by Christopher Morrison and Daniel Grinberg, specializes in bringing the augmented reality experience to life via their computer vision software, sensors, and miniaturisation of hardware.

Yael Group

With over 900 qualified employees, the Yael Group is a prominent software and hardware company, providing a variety of end-to-end technological solutions.


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