Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulation Software from Longmont, Colorado

Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulation Software from Longmont, Colorado

Software and application development has long been the center of technological advancement worldwide. Colorado isn’t left behind in contributing to this global mission with renowned companies such as Burlywood, Fairwords, Honcho, TechPubs Global, Parascript, Akonia Holographics, Stretchr, WindPipe, Dot Hill Systems, Essette, and Motive Retail. These companies, headquartered in Longmont, Colorado, United States, offer innovative and effective solutions in different industries such as Information Technology, Software, Aerospace, Robotics, Data Center, Architecture, Compliance, Training, Human Resources, Data Storage, Enterprise Software, Manufacturing, Database, Service Industry, Energy, Hardware, Virtualization, Web Apps, and Automotive.


Founded by Tod Roland Earhart, Burlywood specializes in data storage. Their patented TrueFlash software, the first modular software-defined flash controller architecture, is tailor-made for hyperscale data centers and cloud applications. With a team of seasoned executives from top-tier companies such as HP, Western Digital, Hitachi, Micron, and Intel, Burlywood is at the forefront of rapid cloud storage innovation.


Fairwords is an AI-oriented company focused on enhancing business communication using their protective software. Through anonymous dashboards and comprehensive analytics, Fairwords provides valuable insights into team communication, thus fostering a safe, compliant, and ethical workplace. You can learn more about them here.


With founders such as Anish Parikh and Evan Caron, Honcho is the only AI-powered communications protection software that trains employees as they type to build and maintain exceptional communications practices in their companies. Their software helps reduce the risk of non-compliant communications and supports supervisory reviews of any arising issues. More about Honcho can be found on their LinkedIn page.

TechPubs Global

TechPubs Global, founded by Pete Russo, is a game-changer in aviation technical documentation management. Their cutting-edge technology and extensive industry expertise facilitate safety, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency in the airline industry. More about their operations can be found here.


Founded by Stepan Pachikov, Parascript is a leader in proven document capture and recognition solutions. They provide AI-powered solutions that streamline document processing with remarkable recognition accuracy and low error rates. Find out more about this groundbreaking company on their Facebook or LinkedIn page.

Akonia Holographics

Founded by Mark Ayres, Ken Anderson, and Fred Askham, Akonia Holographics is an advanced data storage technologies company based on holography. They are also keen on GRIN and 3D optics development. Learn more about them on their LinkedIn page.


Stretchr, founded by Christian Wolfe, Mat Ryer, Ryan Quinn, and Tyler Stillwater, is a service around a datastore that solves enterprise pain points when working with unstructured data. Stretchr offers a RESTful interface, flexible querying options, and nested relations that are often overlooked in NoSQL environments. More about their solutions can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Founded by Mark Tuttle, WindPipe Corporation develops cutting-edge wind-energy conversion systems for the renewable energy sector. Since its establishment in 2010, WindPipe has been devoted to creating eco-friendly power solutions.

Dot Hill Systems

Founded by Dana W. Kammersgard, Dot Hill Systems provides entry-level and midrange storage systems and enterprise server software for organizations requiring networked storage and data management solutions. As leaders in providing powerful tech configurations, Dot Hill Systems stands out in providing scalable, efficient, and highly effective storage solutions. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn sites for more information.


Essette offers an innovative web-based care management software that is a powerhouse alternative to traditional applications. This software helps healthcare organizations deliver high-value, collaborative care. With its efficient platform and real-time monitoring, Essette is a favorite among healthcare organizations. Discover more about Essette on their Facebook or LinkedIn page.

Motive Retail

Co-founded by Dan Seats and Kim Campassi, Motive Retail modernizes the automotive retail experience by facilitating real-time data flow among all parties in the ecosystem. This is supported by a solid platform that leverages a catalog of common industry APIs based on STAR data standards. Motive Retail proves its dedication to optimizing business operations, staff efficiency, customer service, and data integrity in the automotive retail sector. Learn more about them on their LinkedIn page.

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