Leapdroid: Notable Software Powerhouse Based in Den Haag, The Netherlands

Leapdroid: Notable Software Powerhouse Based in Den Haag, The Netherlands

The software industry is home to many cutting-edge companies that are causing a stir in the tech world. An increasing number of these innovative businesses are finding a home in The Hague, the political and administrative hub of the Netherlands. With the city’s excellent infrastructure and global connections, it’s not surprising that it is a magnet for companies in the rapidly evolving software field. In this article, we will explore some of the most noteworthy software companies based in Den Haag, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands, shedding light on their achievements, activities, and visions.

The Netherlands – renowned for its blend of creativity and technology – has a thriving technology sector that is diversified across various sub-sectors such as artificial intelligence, big data, human resources, and more. With a supportive ecosystem and a pool of talented individuals, The Netherlands provides the perfect backdrop for software companies to flourish and cut their niche. This article offers a snapshot of some of the software companies reaching new heights in the industry.

From artificial intelligence to financial technology, and everything in between, these businesses are pushing the boundaries and laying foundations for the tech landscape of tomorrow. Whether they’re monitoring building characteristics, bridging the talent gap, or innovating mobile engagement – they’re all making a significant impact. These are the software companies that are rewriting the future of The Hague and beyond.

Founded by Dirk Huibers, Marieke Dijksma, and Tara Campagne, is highly involved in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Information Technology, and Software. They offer innovative solutions for efficient real estate handling and have moved the goalposts in their industry. Following the founders’ vision, the company aims to provide comprehensive building data for informed decision-making.


Zarttech’s mission involves bridging the talent gap by providing diverse IT Experts with global opportunities. Founded by Nelson T. Ajulo, the company stands at the forefront of Human Resources, Outsourcing, and Software. Zarttech aims to transform the IT industry by providing services such as outstaffing and outsourcing.

GetSocial, a Keywords Studios

GetSocial, founded by Adam Palmer, Jon Butterfield, Simon J Toovey, and Viral Patel, focuses on maximizing user acquisition, engagement, and retention. GetSocial stands out for its effective mobile engagement solutions and is dedicated to improving user engagement and acquisition metrics for businesses.


Operating in the Computer, Information Technology, and Software industries, Laxton serves governments and organizations worldwide with end-to-end identity solutions. By offering proprietary systems to register and verify citizens, Laxton has become a trusted Identity Solutions provider globally.


Founded by Joshua Angnoe, Dyflexis is a major player in the Mobile Apps and Software industry with its innovative solutions.

Simpled Group

Headed by founder Yvo Gortemaker, the Simpled Group is known for its innovative card management systems. The company offers pre-paid cards with various features to help users manage their spending limit.


Fenestrae is a global provider of solutions eliminating paper from business processes. With software in use by Fortune 100 companies, Fenestrae sets the bar high for efficiency and sustainability in document management.


With founders Bart Hartge, Bas Pauw, and Daan Hartge, Bizzmill offers a subscription-based software platform for business, strategy, and financial planning.


Started by Alessandro Cardinali and Olaf Jacobson, Soon is focused on streamlining team scheduling and unifying workspace. Their solutions make team coordination smooth and effortless.


Microcash is offering solutions targeting Small and Medium-sized Businesses as well as Warehousing sectors.


Nick Ulrich’s brainchild, Ceeblue, focuses on transforming video streaming, offering solutions for exceptional video delivery and transcoding in under a second. Their technology is making waves in broadcasting, Internet, and Video Streaming industries.

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