Leapdroid: Leading IT Innovations From Northampton’s Tech Sector

Leapdroid: Leading IT Innovations From Northampton’s Tech Sector

Northampton, Northamptonshire, located in the United Kingdom, is known globally for its culture, historical significance, and more recently, its rise in the Information Technology industry. From startups to well-established companies, Northampton has become a hub for technology businesses. These companies span a variety of sectors within IT, such as Software, Apps, and even Cloud Management. Below, we’ve highlighted a host of companies who are operating and making real headway in the tech industry from their headquarters in Northampton.

Global Database

Founded by Nicolae Buldumac, Global Database operates in the B2B, Business Development, Business Intelligence and Information Technology sectors, among others. Its platform provides more than 80 million exhaustive business profiles across 195 countries and 34 industries and is considered an invaluable resource for marketers and sales professionals. @Global_Database, Facebook, LinkedIn

Zinc Systems

Zinc Systems focuses on delivering innovative software solutions for incident, crisis, and organisational resilience. Zinc’s flagship SaaS platform, SYNAPSE, is used by leading corporate and government organisations worldwide. LinkedIn


Founded by Adam Harold and Michael Tomlins, Humley is a leading provider of Conversational AI. Their platform allows businesses across various sectors to deploy conversational interfaces. @HumleyAI, Facebook, LinkedIn

Intamac Systems

Established by Kevin Meagher, Intamac Systems offers a variety of internet accessed monitoring and control services. The company is well known for its innovative two-way monitoring and control solutions. @IntamacTalk, Facebook, LinkedIn


Founded by Dolores Sanders, TotalControlPro uses cloud technology to provide a manufacturing platform for production facilities, aiding in various functions like inventory management and customer management. @TotalControlPro, Facebook, LinkedIn


Allvotec assists by running IT for the customers of major service businesses, they enhance customer value through delivery and support of end-to-end technology and communication services and solutions. @allvotec, LinkedIn


Founded by Gina Stack, Irisys has a legacy of over 20 years in providing world-class People Counting sensors. Their unique thermal based technology offers them an edge over other similar systems. @Irisys, Facebook, LinkedIn

ACS 365

Founded in 1995, ACS 365 provides complete office solutions. Their services range from IT solutions and Cloud services to Furniture & Interiors and Recruitment. @acs365, LinkedIn

Marval Software

Since 1989, Marval Software has been delivering advanced, integrated IT Service Management (ITSM) software. A significant contributor to Best Practice and standards in ITSM, they are the co-author of ITIL and ISO/IEC 20000. @marvalgroup, Facebook, LinkedIn


NAK operates within the Communications Infrastructure and Information Technology sectors. @nakconsultinguk, Facebook, LinkedIn


HellermannTyton is a leading manufacturing company dealing with Information Technology and Network Security. @HT_Connectivity, Facebook, LinkedIn

These companies signify the diversity and dynamism of Northampton’s tech scene, with their impressive portfolios covering a wide array of sectors within the tech industry. Undoubtedly, the future of IT in Northampton is a promising one, thanks to the companies listed above and their continued commitment towards developing ground-breaking solutions.

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