Delving into Delray Beach’s Leapdroid: Innovative Approach in Mobile App Emulation

Welcome to this edition of Leapdroid’s series on companies operating in the Information Technology industry in Delray Beach, Florida. In this article, we will explore companies that have set their headquarters in this idyllic Floridian city and have made a name for themselves in various IT sectors such as CRM, Enterprise Software, healthcare technology, PaaS, and more.

From providing progressive healthcare solutions to ushering in advancements in cloud infrastructure management, these companies prove why Delray Beach is a bustling hub of IT and software development. Join us as we delve into these dynamic organizations, learning about their founders, the lifesaving and life-enhancing services they provide, and how their innovative efforts help keep Delray Beach on the tech-world map.

Let’s tour the tech scene of Delray Beach, beginning with a company that has brought technology to the forefront of the healthcare industry.

Sunwave Health

Helmed by founder Elie Levy, Sunwave Health has positioned itself as a leader in providing technology for Substance Abuse Treatment Centers. Known for their comprehensive platform including CRM, EMR, HR, and Billing, Sunwave Health provides a one-stop solution for treatment centers, facilitating their operations in a single, unified platform. Explore more about Sunwave Health through their social media platforms on Facebook and Linkedin

Staton Techiya

Founded by Brian Firestone, Staton Techiya is a stealth company based in Florida operating in the commercial, information technology, and travel segment.


Under the able leadership of founders Angel Ramirez, Angel Ramirez, Cristher Castro, and Hitomi Mizugaki, Cuemby has developed the Cuemby Cloud Platform (CCP), a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) designed to effortlessly manage and scale cloud infrastructure. Cuemby’s innovative efforts extend to establishing the largest Spanish Cloud Native meetup, La Hora de Kubernetes, and setting up the Hispanic foundation of Cloud Native. Connect with Cuemby on Facebook and Linkedin.


Founded in 1993, VeriTeQ is a technology company focusing on animal and emergency identification solutions. From pet microchipping to livestock tracking using RFID ear tags and GPS search and rescue beacons, VeriTeQ’s products have found applications worldwide. Find more about VeriTeQ’s innovations on LinkedIn.

Sober Network

Founded by Harold Jonas, the Sober Network hosts several digital properties aiming at different aspects of the addiction and recovery market. It provides economical yet efficient technology solutions to treatment providers, pharmaceutical firms, insurance firms, and others. To learn more about Sober Network, visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Magic Orange

Co-founded by Greg Guye and Matthew Mottram, Magic Orange has developed a game-changing Profitability and Cost Transparency platform that aids companies in cost understanding and optimization. The platform transforms shared services spend into investments by providing a clear connection between costs and solutions delivered. Connect with Magic Orange on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Andy Hill, Siono is a leading name in the domain of information technology, machine learning, mobile apps, and software. Follow Siono’s exciting updates on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Premier Virtual

Operating in the fields of information technology, recruiting, and software, Premier Virtual is a notable organization based in Delray Beach. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Since 2008, eMedicalPractice has been offering healthcare practices a variety of fully integrated and customizable enterprise tools aiming at enhancing patient care. Keep up with their news through their social media accounts on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Fuse Workforce Management

Founded in 2003, Fuse Workforce Management’s all-in-one HR software platform unites time and attendance management, HR management, and payroll under one roof. Connect with Fuse Workforce Management on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Rave LLC

RAVE LLC is a global supplier of advanced process solutions for industries like semiconductor, photomask, MEMS, and defense. Discover more about Rave LLC on their LinkedIn page.

Whether it’s healthcare technology or enterprise software solutions, Delray Beach, Florida, stands out as a vital center for innovative IT companies. These entities continue to redefine the technology landscape, making Delray Beach a tech-oriented city.

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