LeapDroid: Leading Android Emulation Tech Firm in St. Louis Spotlight

St Louis, Missouri may not be the first location that springs to mind when one thinks of a hub for the computer industry, yet it is home to a significant number of innovative software and app development companies. By providing a crucible for technological innovation, St Louis is helping to shape the future of the digital world. With a diverse range of enterprises, from those focusing on logistics and freight services, to companies in the education sector, artificial intelligence, healthcare, and even some operating within the energy industry, it is clear that St Louis has a vibrant and dynamic technology sector. This article will discuss some of the companies headquartered in St Louis that are making significant strides in the computer industry.

Freight Science

Freight Science provides technology solutions that enable asset-based trucking companies to streamline their operations and improve profitability. With a team of software engineers, data scientists and IT specialists, Freight Science leverages data and advanced analytics to enable large carriers to automate logistics and respond more effectively to rapidly-changing market conditions. Further information on Freight Science can be found on their LinkedIn page.


Founded in 2017, Disruptel provides visually-aware artificial intelligence that understands image and video content. This allows users to interact differently with what they’re watching, enabling them to ask questions or even purchase products that appear on-screen. Disruptel’s mission is to redefine how users engage with video content and they collaborate with streaming services, device manufacturers and operating systems to do so. Get connected on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Pixel Press

Pixel Press focuses on creating engaging gaming and interactive experiences involving their patented build your own video game technology. A combination of digital and physical play, their products are appealing to all age groups while serving multiple applications. Find out more on their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn channels.

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