Leapdroid: Innovative iOS Solutions from Sunnyvale’s Technology Heartland

We take pride in introducing a key facet of the thriving iOS industry operating out of the city of Sunnyvale, California. Traditional boundaries are currently being redefined by innovative tech companies that contribute significantly to the software and digital landscapes. This article presents an assortment of these awe-inspiring companies that continue to push the envelope in their respective areas.

These organizations, many of which are well-established, and others relatively new, cover a wide range of industries from mobile apps to cyber security and digital personalization technology. It is interesting to note the substantial presence of companies engrossed in the iOS arena, making Sunnyvale an ideal location for technology innovation, collaboration, and growth.

Each organization mentioned below has been producing impressive strides in their areas of expertise, as a result of their tenacity and dedication. Join us in appreciating their efforts as we delve into their inspiring journeys so far.


Focused on user privacy, transparency, and decentralization, Textile is building a novel digital ecosystem. Co-founded by Andrew Hill and Sander Pick, this company continues to blaze the trail in the iOS and Software industry. Their transparent way of operation and user-centered approach builds the trust factor for their clients and partners. Connect with them on @textile01, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Kudos to founders Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan for establishing Rover, an advanced personalization and recommendation technology app. Rover powers discovery and provides content recommendation on third-party news and media sites. Its machine learning engine provides fine-grained interests and respects users’ privacy and connections. Follow them on @infoaxe, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

InnoPath Software

Luosheng Peng and Steve Artim founded innoPath Software to support mobile devices using mobileUpdate and activeCare2. Thus, improving device recalls, reducing support calls, and increasing subscriber satisfaction. Connect with them on @innoPath, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Heychat App

Founded by Tavares A Robinson Greenberg, Heychat App is revolutionizing local campus conversations. Follow them on @heychatapp, and Facebook.


INLOOPX is an international software development company founded by Daniel Novak, Jozef Simko, and Martin Adamek. They are part of the Microsoft Partner Network and a Google Android-certified company. Follow them on @inloopx.


Founded by Daniel Gumucio, AssureSoft is a growing software development company providing high quality software services. Follow them on @assuresoftcorp, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Playtime gaming

Playtime gaming is an experienced group of developers and designers with a foothold in the gaming industry. Connect with them on Facebook.


Founded by Wei Zheng, Qury is developing the next-generation mobile search engine based on its award-winning AI algorithm. Their first product is a search engine for Fashion Shopping. Download their app on Android and iOS.

CrowdZone (ACQUIRED)

Originally founded by George McMullen, Murgesh Navar, Shashi Navar, and Todd Sullivan, CrowdZone is a mobile network that comes alive during sports events, offering fans an enhanced experience. Stay connected on @crowdzone, Facebook.

PhotoClub Inc.

Discover more about PhotoClub Inc.‘s work on their official site. Stay updated on @photoclubapp and Facebook.


Dizzain, founded by Alex Molchan, is a digital product agency helping companies develop an effective digital presence. They offer solutions for iOS and Android as well. Connect with them on @dizzain, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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