Leapdroid: Kirkland’s Pioneer in Innovative Android Emulation Technology

The city of Kirkland, Washington, is renowned for being a tech hub with many Information Technology companies making it their home. These companies offer innovative products and services in various industries like Cyber Security, Enterprise Software, Customer Service, and Health Care. This piece will spotlight several companies leading the IT revolution in Kirkland, WA. The goal is to provide insights into their operations, founders, and the unique value they bring to the tech ecosystem.

By highlighting these companies, potential customers, partners, and investors can have a better understanding of the dynamism and innovativeness that the technology scene in Kirkland exudes. Kirkland’s vibrant tech atmosphere is indeed worth exploring, and the selected companies are a testament to this fact. The rich heritage of innovation in Kirkland gives these companies a competitive edge in shaping the future of IT.

This piece will give you an overview of the chosen companies, including their origins, what they specialize in, and who leads them. You’ll find insights into how these companies leverage technology to meet market needs and the unique value proposition they offer their customers. Here is a look at these Kirkland-based tech players.


Tanium has been a major player in Cyber Security, Enterprise Software, Information Technology, SaaS, and Security since its inception by founders David Hindawi and Orion Hindawi in 2007. Operating at the intersection of security and systems management, the company allows real-time data collection on an unprecedented scale. Their platform allows security and IT operations teams to track and manage endpoints across an enterprise within seconds. You can find them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Pivotal Commware

Founded by Brian Deutsch, Eric Black, and Jay McCandless, Pivotal Commware is a tech company specializing in Computer, Information Technology, Software, and Telecommunications sectors. Since 2016, they’ve been pioneering the commercialization of Holographic Beam Forming™ (HBF) in response to the growing demand for wireless data. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Stack Moxie

Operating in the realm of Information Technology, Marketing, and SaaS, Stack Moxie provides solutions for quality assurance and monitoring of SaaS tech. Founded by Eric Peterson, Julia Funderburk, and M.H. Lines, they bring DevOps-style quality and monitoring to business users. You can find them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


With its headquarters in Kirkland and development center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, AccelOne is a custom software development company providing unique solutions to businesses worldwide. Founders Luis Paradela, Mario Agüero, and Scott Craig ensure a commitment to quality communication for successful project outcomes. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

AIDA by Health Care Solutions Inc

Founded by Julian Paraschiv and Michael Nikitin, AIDA by Health Care Solutions Inc offers a HIPAA compliant platform that connects patients, hospitals, health systems, and ACOs with Post-Acute Care Providers. AIDA simplifies the patient transition process, aiding the delivery of value-based care. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Ambit is a post-quantum network security company ready to defend your data in the emerging quantum era. Founded by Andrew McElroy, Kevin Kane, and Scott Brauer in March 2019, they’re on the frontlines of the fight against cyber tyranny. Catch up with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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