Exploring Dallas-Based Leapdroid’s Position in Software and App Sector

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, a group of innovative companies are significantly impacting the computer industry. These companies are developing software, creating applications, securing networks, spearheading artificial intelligence, and much more. This article highlights a selection of these Dallas-based companies, their founders, the services they offer, and links to their websites and social media handles.

Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments, founded by Cecil Howard Green, Eugene McDermott, J. Erik Jonsson, and Patrick E. Haggerty, is an industry-leading company specializing in the development and commercialization of semiconductor and computer technology for various applications like cellular handsets, digital signal processors, and analog semiconductors. They also focus on other areas such as medical electronics, energy (including Low Power/No Power, LED Lighting, & Solar Technologies), RFID, and telecommunications infrastructure.

Connect with Texas Instruments on their Facebook page, Twitter, and LinkedIn profile.


Founded by Ed Stevens, Scoot develops a virtual meeting and event platform for businesses and teams. The platform is designed to create authentic connections by facilitating the giving and receiving of appreciation while hosting engaging virtual social events and recognition awards.

Find more information about Scoot on their Facebook page, Twitter, and LinkedIn profile.


Established by Scott McCrady, SolCyber provides a variety of enterprise-strength security tools for any organizations looking for streamlined, accessible, and affordable services.

Connect with SolCyber on their Twitter and LinkedIn profile.


FieldPulse, co-founded by Alex Pinchev and Gabriel Pinchev, provides business management software designed to help service companies transition from traditional pen-and-paper methods to the digital age. The software is used by various service companies, including HVAC contractors, electrical contractors, specialty contractors, and remodeling contractors.

Follow FieldPulse on their Facebook page, Twitter, and LinkedIn profile.


Founded by Greg Moran, OutMatch is a competency-based job-fit assessment, behavioral interviewing, and online reference checking site.

For updates, connect with OutMatch on their Facebook page, Twitter and LinkedIn profile.


Swirlds, founded by Leemon Baird and Mance Harmon, offers a software platform designed to build fully-distributed applications. With Swirlds platform, developers can build applications that achieve fast, fair, and efficient transactions without a single point of failure. Swirlds aims to harness the power of the cloud, creating applications that eliminate the need for servers.

Stay connected with Swirlds on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Hypergiant Sensory Sciences

Hypergiant Sensory Sciences, founded by Chris Rohde and David Copps, is geared towards intelligent transformation, creating scalable AI software solutions such as CommandCenter for businesses. Their solutions are beneficial to various sectors including oil drilling, fluid dynamics, entertainment, and healthcare.


Co-founded by Bhargav Maganti and Igor Karlicic, Monarc is a sports robotics company providing products and services that augment human performance. Monarc’s robotic quarterback, kicker, and punter, also known as The Seeker, are designed to train athletes by simulating any type of game-like ball.

Stay updated with Monarc through their Facebook page, Twitter, and LinkedIn profile.

Krista by Ant Brains

Founded by John Michelsen, Krista by Ant Brains is a conversational RPA platform that excels in understanding human language. Krista’s mission is to shift the learning curve from humans understanding technology to technology understanding humans.

Find more updates about Krista by Ant Brains on their LinkedIn profile.

Safer Management

Founded by Fred Burns, Safer Management is an AI software company selling attendance tracking software to public and private schools, colleges, and universities to help manage students’ attendance data.

Engage with Safer Management on their Facebook page and LinkedIn.

AVYST Technologies

AVYST was founded by Gail Salazar. AVYST provides a personal lines sales and risk management solution to independent insurance agents to efficiently manage referrals. This is achieved through the use of intelligent question sets, workflow, quoting integration, and removing complexity in the way agencies conduct their business today.

Connect with AVYST on their Facebook page, Twitter, and LinkedIn profile.

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