Leapdroid: Innovative Software Powerhouse from Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

In the heart of the southern region of France, Montpellier has become a hub for flourishing software companies. Situated in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, this city is becoming a hotspot for innovators and entrepreneurs due to its robust tech ecosystem and dynamic entrepreneurial spirit. From environmental engineering to artificial intelligence, this series will bring you closer to the companies that are shaping the software industry in this vibrant city, giving insights about the founders, their development, and success in the industry.

Sustainability and software come together in a company named Sweep. Founded by Nicolas Raspal and his co-founders, Sweep uses technology to help companies understand, manage and reduce carbon emissions. They’re a part of the green tech industry, creating a sustainable future with the help of software. You can connect with them on Twitter or LinkedIn.



Later on, we have Bfore.AI, a predictive Cyber Threat Intelligence and Digital Assets Protection company. They work on bringing cybersecurity to a preventive stance to detect threats where other systems cannot. Founded by Luciano Allegro and his team, you can follow them on Twitter or LinkedIn.



Moving on, we encounter Axeptio, founded by Delphine Dorseuil and her co-founders. This compliance, marketing, and software company has its focus squarely on customer satisfaction. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.



Next comes PeopleSpheres. Founded by Philippe Bloquet, this HR management solution company came into existence to fulfill the lack of customized HR solutions fully aligned with client needs. You can connect with this company that creates sustainable HR solutions through Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.



Next is EasyPicky, a company known for its quick image identification technology to enhance planogram control. You can connect with them on LinkedIn.



Continuing the impressive lineup is WeSprint, an accelerator for startups. You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.



Finally, we have Elium, a unified video programmatic platform that offers self-service advertising solutions across multiple platforms. You can track their updates on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.



These companies, each unique in their own way, are molding the software industry’s future in Montpellier, France. As innovators and leaders, they are continuing to push the boundaries of what software can achieve and how it can shape our world for a better future.

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