Exploring Leapdroid: Leading Seattle-Based iOS Software Innovator in Spotlight

Welcome to this installment of our series focusing on the movers and shakers in the iOS industry located in the beautiful city of Seattle, Washington. Seattle, nestled in the Pacific Northwest, is a combination of beautiful mountain landscapes, diverse culture, world-class technology and brilliant brains creating innovative apps and software systems to improve our daily lives. In this article, we will shed light on the unique offerings of various businesses involved in the iOS industry in this area.

Operating in diverse sectors such as cloud computing, developer tools, software, big data, mobile apps, and security among others, these enterprises are shaping the future of digital tools and experiences. With user-friendly designs, advanced features, and cutting-edge technology, they contribute to making technological advancements more accessible, intuitive, and secure for a range of users. Without further ado, let’s dive into the exploration of each of these companies.

From enhancing productivity with no-code business apps, to providing a property documentation solution and creating presentations with ease, these companies are on a mission to make our digital interactions more efficient, secure, and enjoyable.


AppSheet, founded by Brian Sabino and Praveen Seshadri, is a no-code platform for business apps. It provides a platform that businesses can utilize to build powerful, code-free apps. In addition to its innovative platform, AppSheet offers connections to numerous data sources. The company also provides an array of functions within its apps, including offline access, workflow rules, and machine learning. Find more about AppSheet on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.


Apptentive provides mobile customer experience software. Led by founders Andrew Wooster, Mike Saffitz, Robi Ganguly, and Sky Kelsey, this enterprise helps brands connect with their customers by understanding their behavior and expectations. They offer services like intelligently timed surveys, messages, and prompts, which aid to increase customer engagement and sentiment. Check out their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages for more updates.


Record360 is the brainchild of founders Damon Haber, Greg Harrison, and Shane Skinner. As a property documentation solution provider designed for rental, property management, and more, the company provides an innovative platform to record, store, and share the condition and contents of properties. You can learn more about Record360 by visiting their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn page.


BrightCanary is a parental control app that allows parents to monitor the social platforms their children are engaged in. Follow their journey on their LinkedIn page.

Quickpage Inc.

Quickpage Inc., co-founded by Chad Morgan, streamlines the process of sharing information in a more effective and efficient manner.

Haiku Deck

Founded by Adam Tratt, Kevin Leneway, and Kyle Kesterson, Haiku Deck is a platform that allows users to create stunning presentations in a quick and straightforward manner. Find out more about Haiku Deck on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.


Asignio, under the leadership of founder Kyle Rutherford, offers a unique and secure sign-in system based on signature/handwriting-based technology. You can learn more about Asignio on their LinkedIn page.


With FlowVella, co-founded by Brent Brookler, creating and publishing interactive presentations has never been easier. FlowVella offers a range of features that allow users to make stylish, entertaining, and complete stories with a few simple touches. Check out their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages for more.

Play Impossible

Play Impossible, the inception of founders Brian Monnin, Gadi Amit, and Kevin Langdon, has launched the Play Impossible Gameball™, a multi-sport, mobile device-connected ball designed for indoor and outdoor recreational activities. Visit their Twitter and Facebook to stay updated.

Exo Labs

Exo Labs, co-founded by Jeff Stewart and Michael Baum, specializes in connecting microscopes to iPads and iPhones, facilitating unique collaborative experiences for science and education. Learn more about them by visiting their Facebook and LinkedIn page.


NECT is a web and mobile app designed to manage hiring from start to finish. Co-founded by Brandon Peterson, Jade Leong, and Jamie Shaw, the app provides a streamlined solution for recruitment processes. Stay connected with their activities through their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.

Each of these trailblazing companies in the iOS industry plays a unique role in shaping our digital experiences. By harnessing their technological expertise and innovative spirit, they are pushing the boundaries of smartphone tech and app development, contributing to a future where convenience, utility, and fun come together in our handheld devices. Stay tuned for the next exploration of Seattle’s vibrant iOS ecosystem in our series.

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