Leapdroid: Innovating Mobile App Technology in Hamburg’s Tech Scene

Hamburg, Germany is a bustling city known for its rich history, diverse culture, and a thriving tech scene. Home to a number of startups, Hamburg’s Mobile industry is buzzing with innovation, especially in the niche of Apps and Software development. The city has become a welcoming location for both established and burgeoning companies with its robust infrastructure and access to immense talent pool.

In today’s digital age, many companies in Hamburg are leveraging technology to create impactful solutions across various sectors. The Mobile industry has been rapidly advancing to meet the changing needs and demands of consumers, businesses, and society in general. From mobility to gaming and from digital marketing to cybersecurity, Hamburg-based companies have their fingers on the pulse of the mobile industry.

We have selected a clutch of dynamic Hamburg-based companies that have made indelible marks in their respective fields while pushing the envelope in mobile tech solutions. Each profile provides an overview of the companies’ spheres of influence in the mobile industry.


Founded by Caspar Woolley, Gary Jackson, Jay Bregman, and Ron Zeghibe, FREE NOW is breaking new ground in the mobility domain. A leading provider of ride-sharing service, Free Now has a significant footprint stretching from London to Leicester. The innovative app ensures passengers and drivers are just two taps apart, achieving two requests per second. Free Now is a significant player in the ambitious mobility project between BMW and Daimler. The merger with Hailo in 2016 was an important step in FREE NOW’s goal to be Europe’s largest e-hailing app. Connect with FREE NOW on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Filling a niche in Advertising App Marketing, and Mobile Advertising, AppLike was founded in 2015 by Carlo Szelinsky and Jonas Thiemann. Specializing in developing apps for all mobile devices, AppLike also provides mobile advertising, app recommendations, and innovative B2B solutions. AppLike has quickly expanded its operations and reach from its Hamburg headquarters and continues to grow. Find them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Appinio empowers decision-makers with engaging real-time access to consumer opinions. Founders Jonathan Kurfess and Max Honig devised a decidedly innovative market research solution that helps 1000+ global companies validate decisions in mere minutes, confidently enabling customer-centric practices. Find Appinio on their official Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn channels.

The NAGA Group

The NAGA Group is revolutionising the world of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and FinTech resources. Founded by Benjamin Bilski and Yasin Sebastian Qureshi, NAGA offers personal finance and investment products under NAGA Markets and NAGA Global, aimed at facilitating a more accessible and open personal finance and investment system. Follow them on their social platforms here – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Founded by Ilie Ghiciuc and Sören Timm, Etvas is a company focused on customer engagement through extra-services. Etvas’ cloud API-based marketplace connects providers of services with customers of banks, insurers and E-Tailers, using machine learning for individual offering. Follow their work on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Breeze Technologies

Breeze Technologies was founded in 2015 by Robert Heinecke and Sascha Kuntze. Breeze is a technology leader specializing in air quality sensors, air quality data, and air quality analytics software. Recognized as one of the most promising European startups, Breeze helps cities and businesses create better clean air action plans and a more liveable environment. Check out their work on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Dennis Monner, Secucloud is a leading provider of high-availability cyber-security solutions. The Elastic Cloud Security System (ECS2) integrates with telecommunication providers to deliver enterprise-level security solutions for any device. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


POpular in the gaming industry, Sviper was founded by Mark Buchholz, Michael Reichert, and Ole Schaper. Created to deliver outstanding gameplay experiences at the highest quality for mobile devices, Sviper is determined to create a new mobile gaming success story. Find them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Otto Klemke, NautilusLog is tailored to address the maritime the industry’s tracking needs with innovative technology. Visit their LinkedIn to know more.


Founded by Jan Marius Marquardt, Haiilo aims to improve the modern working world with their advanced platform that leverages employee engagement to its best. Check out their LinkedIn page for more information.

iLogos Game Studios

Founded by Maxim Slobodyanyuk, iLogos Game Studios is a full-cycle game development and art production studio that specializes in engaging, thoughtful, and addictive stories. Follow them on their official Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn channels.

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