Leapdroid: Innovating Android Emulation from Surry Hills, New South Wales

Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia is becoming a hub for technology companies. This array of firms is doing phenomenal work across different industries such as Drones, Gaming, Telecommunications, Artificial Intelligence, and several others. In this article, we’ll get an insight into several innovative technology companies based in Surry Hills.

These companies, although diverse concerning the fields they work in, share a common thread of using technology to drive forward their industries. They trace their success primarily to their creative ideation and execution of technology-driven solutions that cater to relevant field-specific problems.

The headquarters of these companies at Surry Hills results in an exceptional blend of technology and innovation flourishing in the area, making it a hotbed for growth in the IT industry.

Propeller Aero

Founded by Francis Vierboom and Rory San Miguel, Propeller Aero is a global leader in drone-mapping and analytics solutions, providing worksites with the tools to measure and manage themselves effectively. They currently serve a broad range of industries including construction, aggregates, mining, and waste management. [Facebook]( – [Linkedin]( – [Twitter](

Immutable Systems

James Ferguson and Robbie Ferguson founded Immutable Systems, a company that develops blockchain-based eSport games designed to familiarize users with blockchain technology. Immutable breaks the conventional norms of digital asset ownership in the video gaming industry. [Linkedin]( – [Twitter](


Pendula, founded by Alex Colvin, facilitates two-way communication via various mediums, including SMS, email, and instant messenger directly from Salesforce or Zuora. [Linkedin]( – [Twitter](

Academy Xi

Academy Xi, co-founded by Ben Wong and Charbel Zeaiter, is a leading training company focused on enhancing capabilities in design and emerging technology. They offer short, practical, and skill-specific programs for both individuals and teams. [Facebook]( – [Linkedin]( – [Twitter](


Founded by Franki Chamaki, Jason Hosking, Matthew Robards, and Menkes van den Briel, HIVERY pioneers AI-driven retail strategy simulation and optimization solutions. They offer data-driven solutions to large retail and CPG clients across North America. [Facebook]( – [Linkedin]( – [Twitter](


Symbio, founded by Andy Fung and Rene Sugo, provides wholesale VoIP managed services and systems engineering. It communicates the intensity of technology integration in the Networking and IT industries. [Linkedin](

The Yield

Founded by Ros Harvey, The Yield significantly contributes to the AgTech field by leveraging digital technology for sustainable food production. They aim to provide solutions in response to climate change and skyrocketing food demands. [Facebook]( – [Twitter]( – [Linkedin](

Beat the Q

Beat the Q, founded by Adam Theobald, solves the problem of long queues in eateries by offering a digital pre-ordering and payment system. [Facebook]( – [Linkedin]( – [Twitter](

Mumba Cloud

Founded by Anthony Zets, Mumba Cloud is a key player in the Consulting, Information Technology and Social Networking industries. [Linkedin]( – [Twitter](


NEXL, founded by Philipp Thurner, is a technology company in the legal sector. [Facebook]( – [Twitter](

EB Pearls

EB Pearls, founded in 2005 by Akash Shakya and Rupak Shakya, is a top-tier software development company. They specialize in developing amazing web and mobile applications with a passion for high quality and excellence. [Facebook]( – [Linkedin]( – [Twitter](

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