Leapdroid: Bethlehem’s Premier IT Industry Player in Software Innovation

The city of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is the home headquarters of several innovative and pioneering companies in the Information Technology industry. This article aims to introduce and delve into the details of these companies. Ranging from health care to artificial intelligence, cyber security and travel, these companies showcase the multifaceted applications of Information Technology in various sectors.

Being strategically positioned at the crossroads of New York and Philadelphia, Bethlehem offers an enriched environment for tech companies to grow and prosper. Furthermore, the proximity to renowned universities and colleges makes this city a hub for technological innovations and entrepreneurship. The companies highlighted herein have strategized their growth by capitalizing on the city’s vibrant educational environment and commercial advantages.

So without further ado, let’s explore these brilliant companies based in Bethlehem, which are creating significant impacts with their unique software and technological offerings in their respective industries.


Founded by Mark Benthin and Sundeep Verma, viihealth, Inc. is a company operating in the fields of health care, information services, information technology, and software. The company is a leader in delivering mobile-savvy solutions that improve salesforce effectiveness as well as patient adherence. You can connect with them on @viihealth on Twitter, their Facebook page, and also on LinkedIn.

Paro AI

Conceived by founder Rob Tedesco, Paro AI leverages the power of artificial intelligence to provide a voice and chatbot assistant that makes accessing enterprise systems and data easier than ever. Check them out on @paro_ai on Twitter, their Facebook page, and also on LinkedIn.


Focusing on cybersecurity, SaaS, and IT, DetectBee is a company founded by Rathi Niyogi. The company offers a communication and collaboration SaaS that reduces supply chain cybersecurity risk. They can be found on @detectbee on Twitter and LinkedIn.


ABEC, Inc., founded by Jack Wilson, is a global leader in providing engineering, equipment, and services to the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry. The company aims to develop reliable and cost-effective manufacturing solutions. Find them on LinkedIn.


AwardWallet, created by Alexi Vereschaga, is a company operating in the Information Technology, Internet, Loyalty Programs, and Travel industry. Their services include the aggregation of loyalty data, parsing travel reservations out of emails, and so on. They can be found on @awardwallet on Twitter, their Facebook page, and also on LinkedIn.


Founded by Jasleen Singh, Apprise specializes in providing solutions for consumer goods manufacturers, importers and distributors since 1984. You can find more information about Apprise on @apprise on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Vizinex RFID

Established in 2012 by Ken Horton, Robert Oberle, and Sandra Garby, Vizinex RFID provides leading edge RFID tag solutions. Connect with them via @VizinexRFID on Twitter, their Facebook page, and also on LinkedIn.

Legend Spine

Operating in the Health Care and Information Technology industry, Legend Spine provides world-class services to its clientele.

BerkOne, Inc.

BerkOne, Inc. is a multifaceted leader in the Information Technology and Software industry. For more information, visit their LinkedIn page.

Innovative Control Systems, Inc

Innovative Control Systems, founded by Kevin Detrick, provides car wash controllers, payment terminals, point-of-sale and wash site management software solutions. Follow them on their Facebook page.


INFONXX is an industry leader in directory assistance and enhanced information services. With robust technological capabilities and a highly trained team, INFONXX delivers quality and reliable services to their customers.

These companies are testaments to the dynamic and versatile IT industry in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. With their dedicated teams, cutting-edge technologies, and innovative solutions, these enterprises contribute significantly to the city’s vibrant economic and technological landscape.

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