Exploring Leapdroid: Premier App Development Innovator Based in Riga, Latvia

Latvia’s capital city Riga has emerged as one of the leading hubs for tech startups, especially in the Apps industry. With its vibrant tech ecosystem, great talent pool, and supportive government, Riga has been attracting entrepreneurs from all around the globe, leading to the rise of numerous successful tech startups. Today, we are going to talk about some of the most promising App companies located in the city of Riga within the thematic framework of a series of articles highlighting these fascinating businesses. In this article we’ll explore these companies, their journey so far, and the innovations they are bringing to the table.


Founded by Girts Tihomirovs, Ilja Terebin, and Mark Terebin, F3 is a popular social media app that allows users to ask questions anonymously and engage in exciting conversations. The unique proposition of the app is that the content disappears within 72 hours, promoting freedom of expression and authentic interactions. Connect with them at Facebook and Linkedin.


Established by Aleksandrs Orlovs, Igors Nemenonoks, and Maris Veide, Bookla is an integrated marketplace app for finding, scheduling, and managing appointments. It embraces a variety of fields, providing a comprehensive platform for activities, hobbies, sports, and more, all since 2019. Connect on Facebook and Linkedin.

Fostering new software product prototyping, manufacturing industry, high tech research and development, founded by Ariel Tabaks and Evalds Urtans, pushes the discipline of software development to its limits. Their product Pitch Patterns analyzes sales calls, detects tones of voice, and identifies problematic calls to provide a seamless experience. Connect on Facebook and Linkedin.

Created by Klavs Sinka, is a location-based mobile dating app with a unique model. The app allows messaging without a mutual match, promoting free conversation without the need for reciprocation. Keep in touch on Linkedin.

Changer Club

Started by Arkady Steiman and Vjaceslavs Nebogatihs, Changer Club is a leading angel investors community in Europe. It integrates high-profile businessmen, interested in future technologies, from across the globe. Connect on Facebook and Linkedin.


Eldars Loginovs launched Fabula, an ebook subscription service. It brings a variety of titles closer to readers and encourages more reading with personalised content. The company, also available on Twitter, started in 2014 and has offices in Riga and Helsinki.


Led by Alex Kreger, Artjoms Krizanovskis, Petr Antropov, and Simon Rabin, Roamer is a mobile app that allows users to use their regular mobile number on a foreign SIM, thus saving roaming charges. It can be followed on Facebook and Linkedin.

Founded by Arturs Burnins and Arturs Nikiforovs, is a sales and marketing solution for restaurants and cafes. It enables easy order processing and streamlined marketing strategies. Link up with them on Facebook and Linkedin.


Co-founded by Arnis Celitans and Artis Erglis, Partly is a community platform that assists with a comprehensive array of household tasks by connecting professionals and users. Follow them on Facebook and Linkedin.

PV Stream

Conceived by Dmitry Sergeev and Julia Kadish, PV Stream is a unifying service platform that supports Solar Project development. They aim to save time and resources in the PV system development and installation stage. Reach them on Linkedin.


At last but not least, by Benjamin Geskin, Helpify acts as a social platform where users can outsource everyday tasks and earn extra income. Its unique bidding system sees community members bidding to complete others’ tasks. Stay connected with them on Facebook and Linkedin.

Through their vision, creativity, and innovation, these Riga-based companies are changing the app industry’s landscape. Each company, with its unique service offerings, contribute towards a dynamic and prosperous technology ecosystem within Riga, while also making their mark on a global level.

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