Exploring Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Innovations from London’s Tech Scene


London, a global technology hub, is home to thriving companies operating in the Android industry. These companies reflect the diversity of the Android platform, spanning mobile gaming, software development, marketplace apps, mobile music and few others. Some of the shining stars of the sector include:

First up is Space Ape, a mobile gaming company making some of the world’s most successful mobile games; then there’s Chupamobile, offering a huge library of ready-made apps and games for easy customization and distribution. SwiftKey utilizes AI to enhance smartphone keyboards, while Depop is adding fashion to the mobile marketplace, and ROXi is revolutionizing music streaming with unlimited music video streaming and more. On top of this, Fleksy is breaking new ground with private white-label keyboard SDKs, TalkLife is addressing the global youth mental health crisis, Mediatonic Games is the master behind games for smartphones and other platforms, Apex Rides offers killer cycling experiences with smart bikes, Football Fan pioneers seamless football experiences through an app, and finally, Stacker brings no-code application development to the fore.

From gaming to software development, e-commerce to AI, these 11 companies embody the diverse and dynamic nature of London’s Android scene.

Space Age

Founded by John Earner and Simon Hade, Space Ape is a mobile gaming company based in London. It is passionate about creating the highest quality and most successful mobile games. Find them on @spaceapegames on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Developed by founders Fabio Pezzotti, Paolo De Santis, and Stefano Argiolas, ChupaMobile is simplifying the app creation process with their marketplace of professional apps and games. Stay connected with them on @chupamobile on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


SwiftKey, founded by Ben Medlock and Jon Reynolds, harnesses AI to enhance smartphone keyboard interaction. Follow them on @swiftkey on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Depop, the brainchild of Simon Beckerman, is an innovative fashion marketplace for the next generation. Follow them on @depop on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.



Launched by Rob Lewis and William Morgan, ROXi is adding joy to music streaming. Stay in touch with them on @roximusicsystem on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Developed by Francisco José Garcia Ojalvo, Olivier Plante, and Xavier Farrarons, Fleksy enables companies to create unimaginable products through private SDKs. Follow them on @fleksy on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Andrew Montesi, Jacob White, and Jamie Druitt, TalkLife is a social network focused on youth mental health. Connect with them on @talklifeapp on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Mediatonic Games

Founded by David Bailey and Paul Croft, Mediatonic Games develops and publishes games for various digital platforms. Connect with them on @mediatonic on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Apex Rides

Launched by Charlie Lucas and Simon Cook, Apex Rides offers a high-performance biking experience. Catch up with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Football Fan

Conceived by Amit Singh Rathore, Football Fan is redefining online football experiences. Stay in touch with them on @footballfanapp on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Kenrick Vaz, Louis Barclay, Michael Skelly, and Neil Coutinho, Stacker is empowering developers with efficient application development. Connect with them on @wearestacker on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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