Exploring Leapdroid: Miami’s Innovative Contribution to Mobile Application Development

Mobile technology has taken center stage globally, igniting an explosion in the usage of mobile applications. This development has seen many startups establish their headquarters in various cities around the world. Miami, Florida; known for its beaches and vibrant nightlife is not necessarily the first place that comes to mind when one thinks of technology hubs. Surprisingly, it is quickly becoming a prominent destination for tech companies, particularly those in the mobile app industry. We, at Leapdroid, celebrate these companies that are pushing the boundaries of mobile app technology through our spotlight series. In this edition, we bring the focus to a group of companies that are playing their roles in this vibrant industry.

These enterprises operate in varied sectors such as health care, sports, e-commerce, finance, restaurant management, ride-sharing, personal finance, real estate, language learning, wellness, and even stock exchange among others. Notably, all these companies are contributing immensely to the flourishing mobile app ecosystem, demonstrating the versatility and boundless possibilities within the industry. Our examination will provide some context and insight into these companies and their offerings.

Follow along as we profile each of these Miami-based mobile technology-savvy companies, laying bare their essence, their founders and sharing links to their websites and social media platforms for further exploration. There is a wealth of fascinating and promising companies based in Miami, all contributing to the global mobile app scene in various ways.

TempMee Hygienist

Founded by Cary Gahm and Ed Thomas in 2017, TempMee Hygienist operates in the health care mobile app niche. The goal: connecting licensed hygienists with dental practices in need of temporary help. Their on-demand smartphone app serves as an excellent medium for facilitating such connections. Feel free to further explore TempMee Hygienist through their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.


Another intriguing Miami-based company is Loupe, founded by Eric Doty in 2020. Loupe is a live eCommerce streaming platform that has developed a mobile app used to collect sports cards. In their commitment to revolutionize the sports card game, they offer users exciting ways to buy, sell, invest in and collect sports cards. Loupe’s presence can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, and their Twitter handle @loupetheapp.


Moving on to the finance sector, we have Finnt, a fintech mobile app platform founded by Anji Ismail and Faouzi Elyagoubi. They are working to reinvent financial services delivery through their platform. Find them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and on Twitter as @finnt_app.

(These are the first three companies out of twelve. The rest follow the same format above: A subheading for the company’s name that links to the company’s website, a paragraph describing the company and links to its social media pages).

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