4 Apps To Watch Your Security Camera Through Your Phone

4 Apps To Watch Your Security Camera Through Your Phone

The technology we use for security purposes continues to evolve with the devices we use for easy applications. Security cameras are a reliable method of ensuring and monitoring one’s safety, and it helps to watch the camera feed when possible. Luckily, these apps will allow you to watch live feeds of security cameras through your phone, making monitoring areas more convenient.


Reolink has different cameras that connect to an app and help you record and capture details faster from designated angles with different lenses. The camera lenses come in DualLens, 12MP, and TrackMix, giving you a clear picture in high resolution. Use TrackMix to zoom in dual-capture mode. You can also use Reolink’s cloud storage to store feeds and listen to audio playbacks.


For those who want the freedom to use an app with any phone, old or new, the Manything app is your go-to option. This system is a great app to watch security cameras through your phone and is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

The app will automatically record when the camera detects movement and play a live feed when you tune in. It is possible to connect multiple cameras to your phone; however, you will need a Manything subscription to access this feature. It also helps to know the types of cables to consider for your security system for a successful and high-quality installation.

Alfred Home Security Camera

The Alfred app allows you to connect two phones for monitoring and viewing. This system is great for people who keep their old phones and need to find some use for them, and it will help save money when buying a CCTV camera.

You can record camera feeds using night vision, making it an effective system for any time of day. The app also allows you to see and listen to recordings in real time, so you will be aware of situations while you’re away.


This app works for Android and iOS devices and works similarly to the Alfred Security Camera app, which allows you to use a spare phone as a camera. This app will allow you to speak through the phone and communicate with those you see on the live feed. If you have a babysitter who needs help or a potential criminal you want to deter, WardenCam will be a great app to watch your security camera through your phone.

We must find ways to create a secure area as technology evolves, and using these apps will help you keep your loved ones and valuables safe. Today’s technology has numerous features that will enhance your home or business’s security, and these apps are a prime example of what you can do with just your phone.

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