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Best Mobile Games In 2023

Mobile gaming keeps achieving new heights with advanced smartphones and tablets. Major franchises now launch simultaneously on console and mobile. Downloads and revenue from mobile games eclipse other platforms, rewarding innovative concepts.


Let’s cover some of the most anticipated mobile gaming titles released in 2023. From multiplayer mayhem to puzzles on the go, these upcoming games satisfy all appetites.

Mobile Casino Games

Casinos spent years replicating the experience on mobile. Small screens and clumsy controls made for disappointing attempts.

However, improved hardware and intuitive app design finally nail mobile casino gaming. According to Jayson Peter from CasinoUSA, all major online casinos now offer robust mobile compatibility.

You can play top slots, table games, video poker, and live dealer games seamlessly on iOS and Android devices. Swipe controls and AUTOPLAY streamline the interface. Apps even include account management, bonuses, and loyalty programs identical to desktops.

Action/Adventure Games

For thrilling gameplay on the go, keep watch for standout action and adventure titles releasing in 2023. Varied genres ensure excitement for all preferences.

Star Wars Hunters marries RPG progression with team-based combat in arena modes based on iconic locations. It expands the canon with new characters and fast-paced multiplayer.

Diablo Immortal adapts the legendary series into mobile monster-slaying with six character classes and over 175 skills to master. Isometric hack-and-slash distilled for touchscreens.

Apex Legends Mobile ports the popular battle royale shooter intact. Slide, jump, and blast rivals in 60-player matches on a sprawling island.

Mobile Puzzle Games

Puzzle games thrive on mobile by delivering challenges in bite-sized doses. They train cognitive skills and spatial reasoning in spare moments.

Two Dots and Dots & Co. continue popular minimalist series focused on connecting dots of the same color. Simple mechanics with surprising depth perfect for idle moments.

Monument Valley 2’s stunning Escher-inspired puzzles lead a mother and daughter through optical illusion worlds. Manipulate architecture to chart a surreal path home.

Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales combines block-sliding puzzles with 80s nostalgia. Manipulate the board to attack enemies with favorite characters from the hit Netflix series.

Multiplayer & Battle Royale

Competitive gaming reigns supreme on mobile through multiplayer and large-scale battle royale titles. Test skills against others in real-time matches with console-quality production.

Rogue Company offers 4v4 objective-based combat across multiplayer modes like extraction and demolition. Utilize weapon and gadget mastery for tactical dominance.

Diablo Immortal enables running dungeons and raids as a party. Coordinate attacks with friends against swarms of demons and boss monsters.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile drops 150 players onto a massive map to scavenge for weapons and gear. Outwit and outlast opponents in the ultimate survival arena.

Location-Based AR Games

Augmented reality titles utilize real-world locations, letting you interact with virtual objects and characters overlaid through your camera. They motivate exploring new areas.

Minecraft Earth layers life-sized Minecraft builds onto the environment that can be viewed in tabletop AR through mobile. Gather resources and fend off mobs from your backyard to city streets.

Ghostbusters World has players busting ghosts they encounter while moving about. Based on proximity and location, iconic phantoms from the films appear on screen to capture.

The Walking Dead: Our World engages in zombie threats detected through your cam. Shoot walkers, scavenge supplies, and build shelters tied to real map data.

Hyper Casual Games

Hyper casual games boast bite-sized rounds based on straightforward concepts accessible to anyone. Their simplicity and pure entertainment value produced a mobile gaming craze.

Fruit Ninja popularized the genre with its satisfying slicing mechanic. Now legions of hyper casual hits like High Heels! and Helix Jump carry on that approachable spirit.

Dune! requires simply sliding a ball down Hills to coat the landscape in vivid color. Uncomplicated yet satisfyingly challenging arcade experience.

Apple Arcade Exclusives

Apple Arcade offers unlimited access to premium iOS games subscribers would normally have to purchase. Look for addicting exclusives to justify the low monthly fee.

LEGO Star Wars: Castaways constructs a vibrant social hub for befriending others while towering foes are challenged in epic battles.

Spider-Man Unlimited revolutionizes runner games by swinging Spidey through gorgeous skylines in console-quality 3D. Outpace Venom and iconic baddies.

Top Android Titles

Android gaming often differs from iOS thanks to Google Play integration. Unique experiences leverage Google’s infrastructure for multiplayer and cloud streaming.

Pikmin Bloom leverages Google Maps to transform real-world steps into colonies of cute critters who embark on virtual expeditions. Social fitness fun.

Through Google Play Pass, indulge in a vast catalog of premium games completely free including indie darlings like Limbo and Stardew Valley. Hard to beat value.

Nvidia GeForce Now streams AAA PC titles like Cyberpunk 2077 and Death Stranding flawlessly. Powerful cloud rendering shrinks hardware barriers.

Retro & Emulators

Finally, relive gaming’s past on mobile through high-quality emulation support for legacy systems. Rediscover classics despite obsolete hardware.

RetroArch packs the most extensive emulator capabilities into one slick app. Magically play ROMs from dozens of platforms like NES, Genesis, PS1, and more.

Delta Touch ports the classic FPS Doom alongside its legendary WAD mods for enduring demon destruction. Enjoy one of the finest old-school mobile engines.

Sonic CD Classic faithfully recreates the beloved Sega CD original with pixel-perfect accuracy. Spin, dash and time travel with the Blue Blur anytime.

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