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What Is Matched Betting?

The world of online gambling has witnessed phenomenal growth in recent years. With numerous gambling sites and sportsbooks like bet365 making their way into the limelight, it is easy to understand that people are having a great time indulging in some risk-taking. Sites are raining bonuses and offers to attract the most number of punters to the site, and there are new people getting involved in this activity everyday.

Now that you have tumbled down this rabbit hole, you are probably trying to learn the basics to make profitable wagers and earn some quick bucks. There are various ways to earn profits while gambling, but a lesser known tactic is matched betting. Usually used in sports betting, matched betting is a technique where punters place a back bet (in favour of a team) using free bets at a sportsbook, and place a lay bet (against the team) at a betting exchange that challenges the previous one.

This technique is great for games like football, cricket, or so on, where only two teams are involved. You bet on one team’s victory on the sportsbook, and bet on the other team’s victory at the betting exchange. Make sure that both the services provide similar odds, as that will result in losses. Since you are betting on the only two possible outcomes, you will win the bet without any problems.

When it comes to sports where multiple participants are involved, like horse racing or car racing, the process becomes slightly more complex. Then, punters need to place more than two bets, to be on the safer side. By taking a look at the odds offered by the various sportsbooks (or betting exchanges), you would have to pick the most likely players to be winning the match. The more clarity and understanding you have regarding the game, the fewer the bets you would have to make.

Since placing bets at a betting exchange involves extra charges (players need to pay a commission of around 5% when gambling at betting exchanges), many gamblers nowadays prefer to place their bets across multiple sportsbooks. This process is then referred to as dutching, but the rules are pretty much the same.

To sum it up, matched betting is a tactic that can help you make the most out of sports betting. It might be a bit hard on your pockets first, because you need to bet twice, but you minimise your chances of losing. No matter what the outcome, you can always be sure to win something. The good news is that a lot of sportsbooks offer free bets nowadays to attract customers. This means you can easily use them to make matched bets, you will be able to earn even more profit. With so many bonuses being offered to punters, it would be your loss if you don’t put them to good use. Matched betting is definitely a good strategy to make some free money, so try it out on your next wagering adventure!

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