Unveiling Leapdroid: Pioneering software innovation in Manchester, New Hampshire

Manchester, New Hampshire may be famous for its vibrant mix of exciting cultural, architectural, and political highlights, but the city is also home to an exciting and innovative software industry. Nestled among historic buildings and picturesque landscapes, some of the most promising companies in this industry are quietly making waves with their innovative software and app solutions in diverse fields such as consumer electronics, telecommunication, cybersecurity, data integration, and more. Let’s dive into some of the noteworthy software companies making their mark from this beautiful city.

First up is Retrieve, a company founded by Dave Arnold which focuses on Mobile Apps, Software, and Video. Retrieve offers a comprehensive, transformative digital learning and communication experience. Whether it’s teaching and maintaining courses, conducting assessments, or facilitating live or asynchronous communication, Retrieve provides a robust and user-friendly platform for both education and enterprise clients.

Next, we have Zoom Telephonics, a company started by Frank Manning with a focus on cybersecurity, web hosting, and telecommunications. Zoom Telephonics, or Minim®, brings people closer to their information and their loved ones through reliable and innovative internet access products. The company, which is globally recognized for its Motorola® brand, offers a secure and personal WiFi experience that simply works, improving the comfort and safety of homes globally.


Starting life as a networking company in 1977, Minim, Inc. shifted its focus to IoT and cybersecurity, believing that better, safer Wi-Fi experiences would be essential. The founders are Alec Rooney, Brian Kline, David Aronoff, and Elizabeth Hitchcock.

Prelude Institute

Spencer Thompson founded Prelude Institute, an enterprise dedicated to higher education and career transition with a strong focus on cybersecurity. Their six-month courses are tailored to individuals seeking a chance in the fast-growing cybersecurity sector.

York IE

This strategic growth and investment firm is led by Adam Coughlin, Joe Raczka, Kyle York, and Mike Veilleux. York IE has a bold and integrated approach to supporting tech companies from startup phase to disrupting markets.

URSA, Inc.

This Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) analytics firm is led by Benjamin Barrows and David Kovar. URSA focuses on risk management, data analysis, and visualizing solutions for UAS operators.


Allen Preger, Bob Batcheler, Dave Plunkett, and Jim Forester founded Newforma, a company focused on project information management for architecture, engineering, and construction firms.

Single Digits

Single Digits, founded by Robert Goldstein and Stephen A. Singlar, provides a complete guest High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA) solution and a array of network design, engineering and monitoring services.

Scribe Software

Peter Chase led the founding of Scribe Software, which offers cost-effective, no-code solutions for diverse application and data source integration needs.


Nrby, founded by Kurt Dobbins, is an application software that offers location information, content sharing, a user guide, and social collaboration services.

UpStart Commerce

UpStart Commerce, founded by Gordon Cooke and Noah Linge, is a cloud-native commerce platform designed to accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises. This company leverages AI and Machine Learning to facilitate better and more informed decisions for enterprises.

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