Tel Aviv’s Leapdroid Innovates in the Global Software Application Industry

Tel Aviv’s Leapdroid Innovates in the Global Software Application Industry


D-ID is a software development company, headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel and established by founders Eliran Kuta, Gil Perry, and Sella Blondheim. Specializing in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and Facial Recognition, D-ID offers a range of products including API, reality studio, training, development, live portrait, and speaking portrait products. Their innovative AI technology elevates video content for marketing, learning, development, and content creation. D-ID provides AI tools to produce videos featuring talking avatars, making them a true game-changer in the industry. Follow them on twitter here, Facebook page here and on LinkedIn here.


Cymulate is a notable name in Tel Aviv’s Computer, Cyber Security, Information Services, Information Technology, and SaaS industry, boasting innovators Avihai Ben-Yossef, Eyal Gruner, and Eyal Wachsman as its founding team. Established in 2016, Cymulate helps companies to stay a step ahead in cybersecurity by gleaning insights from a powerful breach and attack simulation platform. This allows organizations to gauge their ability to handle potential cybersecurity threats well in advance. Follow them on twitter here, their Facebook page here, and LinkedIn here.

Datagen Technologies

Founded in 2018 by Gil Elbaz and Ofir Chakon, Datagen Technologies develops scalable, bias-free simulated data technology that automatically annotates information. As industry pioneers in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Software, Datagen Technologies shows an innovative approach in their operations. Their Facebook page here and LinkedIn here.

Classiq Technologies

Classiq Technologies is a company at the forefront of the Information Technology, Quantum Computing, and Software industry in Tel Aviv. The brainchild of Amir Naveh, Nir Minerbi, and Yehuda Naveh, Classiq Technologies develops automation and synthesis for quantum algorithms. They provide a revolutionary Quantum Algorithm Design software platform for the automated synthesis of quantum circuits. Their LinkedIn page here.


Enabling the digital transformation of safety-critical automotive verification, Foretellix stands as a notable entity in Tel Aviv. Founded by Gil Amid, Yoav Hollander, and Ziv Binyamini, Foretellix leverages solutions to scale meets the challenge of verifying the safety of today’s increasingly complex automated driving systems. Their Facebook page here and LinkedIn here.


BloomX an AI-based pollination solution. Founded by Avi Keren, Ido Senesh, and Thai Elgrabli, BloomX provides solutions for crops in which pollination is a limiting factor for their yield, allowing growers to increase their revenue by enlarging yields in existing crops and improving fruit quality. Their LinkedIn page here.

Secret Double Octopus

Founded by Chen Tetelman, Raz Rafaeli, Shimrit Tzur-David, Shlomi Dolev, Secret Double Octopus provides the most deployed and validated workforce strong authentication solution platform. A major player in the market of Computer, Cyber Security, Identity Management, Internet of Things, and Software. Their Facebook page here and LinkedIn here.


NoTraffic is transforming legacy intersections into fully automated and cloud-connected ones. Founded by Or Sela, Tal Kreisler, and Uriel Katz, NoTraffic’s platform serves as a critical digital backbone for the majority of current and future mobility applications. Their Facebook page here and LinkedIn here.


Founded in 2007, Cortica is the first AI company capable of human-level image understanding. Founded by Igal Raichelgauz and Karina Odinaev, Cortica’s proprietary technologies allow it to develop multiple products that can read and understand images on a human level. It’s Facebook page here, Twitter here and LinkedIn here.


SeeTree is an “Intelligence Platform for Trees” providing per-tree intelligence to growers to track their trees’ health and productivity. Founded by Barak Hachamov, Guy Morgenstern, and Israel Talpaz, SeeTree uses rich sources of information such as drones, satellites, IoT sensors, weather information, and more to scan and analyze hundreds of millions of trees! It’s Facebook page here and LinkedIn here.


KELA an award-winning cybercrime threat intelligence firm, KELA’s mission is to provide 100% actionable intelligence on threats emerging from the cybercrime underground. Founded by Eran Shtauber, Nir Barak, and Yigal Naveh, KELA’s powerful cybercrime intelligence platform uncovers and neutralizes the most relevant cybersecurity threats coming from the hardest-to-reach places on the internet. Their Twitter page here and LinkedIn here.

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