Spotlight on New York-Based Music Streaming Software Pioneers

In today’s digital music era, streaming has become the central form of music consumption, with an impressive number of startups and corporations vying for a piece of the market. New York, in particular, has been a hotspot for companies in the music streaming industry, home to many innovative and successful firms. Through them, New York continues to influence the rhythm of the city and the world. Let’s explore some of these trailblazing companies based out of New York, New York, United States.

We’ll explore a variety of companies at the forefront of music streaming. These companies are game-changers, providing cutting-edge products and services. They go above and beyond just streaming — they connect fans, artists, and communities. They are the new faces of the music industry, empowering people to form communities, discover new musical tastes, and connect with artists like never before. Welcome to the rhythm of New York.

From companies that have made it big to newcomers still making their mark, here’s a list of some standout music streaming companies headquartered in New York. Each has unique features and concepts that differentiate them from others, serving various sectors within the music industry and delivering value to their target audiences.


Founded by Jace Kay and Ryan Star, Stationhead is a music streaming platform that allows music fans and artists around the world to connect, listen live, and stream together. Users can listen to their favourite artists, chat and interact with fellow fans from around the world, and even start their own global station with their playlist of choice. The app is free to download for iOS devices. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Brat, a technology company founded by Darren Lachtman and Rob Fishman, is a leading digital production firm offering content specifically for teens. Their key sectors are in digital entertainment, digital marketing, digital media, film production, media and entertainment, music streaming, and social networking. Stay connected with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @brat on Twitter.

Neon Music Network

Neon Music Network, founded by Kais Radwan, is a music-video streaming platform. It lets you discover new music based on your activity, or by searching for artists, albums, playlists, or songs. You can save liked music to your library for easy access anytime. Find them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Michael Tom and Philip Butler, Radiate connects people going to the same music festival via a mobile app. Users can share content and communicate with each other, making connections based on shared experiences. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @radiatetheworld on Twitter.

[h2]Mars Markets

Mars Markets is a startup disrupting the music industry, founded by Akash Ahuja and Bala Srivastava. By applying capital market principles, they aim to enable creator independence and fan benefits through artist-driven initiatives. Find them on LinkedIn.


Sound is a company operating in the music, music label, and music streaming industry. You can follow them on Facebook, @sound on Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Oda, founded by Nick Dangerfield, provides a unique live music experience for homes through its preordered speakers. Follow them on Facebook, @odaislive on Twitter, and LinkedIn.


MyStream, founded by Richard Zelson, is a cutting-edge Cloud Communications company, enabling exciting functionalities for secure, direct & dynamic digital communications. You can follow them on Facebook and @MyStreamApp on Twitter.


Rebelation, founded by Alexander Volgin and Andrei Volgin, is a music streaming platform that is built around the concepts of deep personalization and ease of use. You can connect with them on LinkedIn.


Co-founded by David Leiberman and Sammy Rubin, Mibblio is a creator of music apps for children, including the flagship Mibblio app, which combines the functionalities of Garageband with an iPad storybook platform. Connect with Mibblio on LinkedIn.

Poly Music Publishing

Founder Terra Han’s Poly Music Publishing operates in Digital Entertainment, Media and Entertainment, Music, Music Education, Music Label, Music Streaming, Musical Instruments, Performing Arts. Stay connected with them through Facebook and LinkedIn.

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