Richmond’s Leapdroid: Innovating the Web Development Industry in Virginia

Richmond’s Leapdroid: Innovating the Web Development Industry in Virginia

In the fast-paced world of Web Development, a number of innovative companies have made a home in Richmond, Virginia. These firms are diverse in their offerings, from full service web development and digital marketing to mobile software and SaaS solutions. Evolving with the industry’s demands, these Richmond-based corporations are creating remarkable impact in their respective markets, attributable to the vision and hard work of their dedicated teams. This article takes you through a series of companies that have not only made major strides in their field but have jointly contributed to positioning Richmond as a significant hub in the web development industry.

Web Development is a complex field, requiring a combination of hard technical skills and creative instincts to craft digital solutions that are innovative, user-friendly, and efficient. The market is filled with companies, big and small, trying to make a mark, but a few stand out for their laser focus on customer needs, leveraging latest technologies, and the quality of their services. Today, we turn our spotlight to Richmond, Virginia, home to several such distinguished companies pushing the boundaries of web development.

Richmond, Virginia harbors a vibrant ecosystem of web development companies that are thriving on innovation, stratagem, and a strong talent pool. These firms, diverse in their service offerings, aim to deliver game-changing solutions to meet the evolving business demands. Moreover, these Richmond-based companies have successfully etched their foothold at both the national and global levels. Let’s embark on this journey to explore such seminal companies enriching the web development landscape in Richmond, Virginia.


COLAB is a full-service web development firm founded by Eddie O’Leary. You can follow their ventures on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Foster Made

Foster Made, a web development agency, has been serving Richmond for over a decade under the leadership of its founder Shawn Maida. For more details, you can reach out to the company on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Social Savvy Geek

Social Savvy Geek is a comprehensive digital marketing agency that takes care of all marketing-related concerns for entrepreneurial speakers, authors, podcasters, and coaches. The company can be found on LinkedIn.

WebWorx Inc

WebWorx Inc provides advertising and IT solutions in addition to its main activity of web development. You can stay abreast with their movements on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Utopian Software Inc

Utopian Software Inc is active in the fields of IT and web development. Follow them on LinkedIn.

Forex customer support

Forex On The Go, founded in 2008, offers popular Forex trading software for iPhone users. Investors can reach out to the company on their website.


BSWA operates across multiple functions such as consulting, software development, and web design. For updates, check out their Facebook page.

Web Tech Fusion

Diversified in various industries including advertising, internet, and marketing, you can reach out to Web Tech Fusion by following them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Founded by David Rosenthal, Justin Jones, Kevin Trinh, and Mary Smith, ConcernTrak works towards unifying a company’s shipments, data, and records into a single turn-key web service. Stay connected with them via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


ActiveNation, an Internet Marketing company, specializes in making website work for businesses via website design, development, and marketing including blog and social media management. Keep up with ActiveNation on Twitter and Facebook.

Dynamic Web Solutions

Dynamic Web Solutions offers online marketing services including custom web design and development, usability testing and review, SEO, and SEM. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for more.

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