Portland-Based Leapdroid Innovates in Cloud Computing Technology Sphere

Cloud computing continues to revolutionize the way companies operate, from managing resources to optimizing operations and customer service. In Portland, Oregon, the cloud computing landscape is innovative and dynamic as ever with several companies standing out for their remarkable contributions and solutions to the cloud computing space. This article will take you through some of the distinguished companies in the industry headquartered in Portland.

From ediscovery for corporate legal teams, strategic enterprise software to financial management tools, wearable technologies, business intelligence and developer APIs, both established and emerging companies are redefining the status quo of the cloud computing industry. As we delve into the corporate bios of these companies, you will discover their unique value propositions, key innovators, and how they are facilitating the seamlessness of cloud computing.

With the cloud computing industry expected to grow exponentially in the coming years, these companies continue to position themselves strategically to ensure they not only contribute to this growth but also benefit from it. Let’s take a look at some of these corporations making a significant impact in the cloud computing space.


Zapproved’s LinkedIn, Facebook, and @Zapproved Twitter page shares resources and updates about their zdiscovery platform designed for corporate legal teams to manage ediscovery from anticipated litigation to resolution. The platform equips teams with robust and user-friendly tools to drastically cut costs and streamline processes. The company was co-founded by Monica Enand.

Cascade Strategy

B2B cloud computing venture, Cascade Strategy, is a brainchild of founders Eric Perriard and Tom Wright. Cascade’s LinkedIn, Facebook , and @cascadestrategy Twitter page houses essential resources about their suite of tools designed to manage business operations. The team brings innovation and agility to the core of their operation, providing consumers with exciting and intuitive tech experiences.


With founders J.R. Storment, Jon Frisby, and Mat Ellis, Cloudability is an analytics, billing, and cloud computing venture based in Oregon. Cloudability’s LinkedIn, Facebook, and @cloudability Twitter page shares insights on their financial management tool designed to monitor and analyze cloud costs across any organization. The platform enables real-time cloud spending understanding and continual optimization of cloud costs. The company was established in 2011.


This Portland, Oregon based company was founded by software industry veterans, Julien Coulon and Marty Kagan. Cedexis utilizes their social profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook , and @cedexis Twitter handle to provide insights into their unique strategies for optimizing web performance across data centers, delivery networks, and clouds. They aid companies in reaching new global markets.


Sensu, co-founded by Caleb Hailey and Sean Porter, is a full-stack monitoring platform designed for dynamic operating environments. Specific insights about the company and its values can be viewed at their LinkedIn and @sensu Twitter handle.

APDM Wearable Technologies

APDM Wearable Technologies, founded by Andrew Greenberg, James McNames, and Mateo Aboy is a digital health company that focuses on developing and commercializing digital endpoints for neuroscience and balance disorders. Details about their rich history and innovative products can be found on their LinkedIn, Facebook , and @apdminc Twitter pages.


Co-founded by Glenn Butler and Paresh Patel, VendScreen is at the forefront of revolutionizing the vending experience. Their LinkedIn, Facebook , and @vendscreen Twitter handle provide interactive services and updates.

Safe Site Check In LLC

Safe Site Check In LLC was co-founded by David Ward. It offers a jobsite and workplace management solution. They frequently provide updates and share resources on their LinkedIn, Facebook , and @safesitecheckin Twitter page.


Co-founded by Lucas Carlson, AppFog is a Platform-as-a-Service system for public cloud. The LinkedIn, Facebook , and @appfog Twitter handles provide updates and resources for the public.


Orchestrate provides a simple RESTful API service that eliminates the need for developers to operate their own databases in production. It was co-founded by Antony Falco, Ian Plosker, and Matt Heitzenroder. More insights can be retrieved from their LinkedIn, Facebook , and @OrchestrateIO Twitter handle.


Nouvola offers a scalable performance and load testing solution for web, mobile, and API. It was co-founded by Paola Moretto and Paola Rossaro. Their LinkedIn, Facebook , and @nouvolatech Twitter page provides important insights about their company and solutions.

These are just some of the top companies in the cloud computing industry that call Portland, Oregon their home. Their immense contributions to this sector are impressive, and they continue to innovate, making their mark in the global cloud computing landscape.

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