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Learn About Bitcoin For Enterprise With Industry-Driven Standards

With the sheer volume of articles, tutorials and courses available online about Bitcoin and blockchain, it more often than not confuses professionals and executives seeking to learn more about Bitcoin for enterprise. It is also difficult to know what resource is legitimate and offers certificates.

BSV Academy, Switzerland-based global industry firm Bitcoin Association’s legit online education platform, awards certificates upon completion. Supplemented with academia-quality instruction and university-style courses, BSV Academy offers courses under Bitcoin Theory, Bitcoin Development and Bitcoin Enterprise. BSV Academy’s introductory course on Bitcoin for enterprise is aimed for C-level executives eyeing to build platforms using the original Bitcoin as a technology backbone.

The introductory course’s modules on Bitcoin for Enterprise is digestible and understandable for people who are new to the BSV ecosystem. All modules are also available from the start, allowing users to freely jump between topics and videos as they see fit. To give you an idea on what to expect of this course, below is a sampler covering one of the tools BSV offers businesses.

Industry-driven technical standards are non-negotiable for enterprises of all levels to function efficiently and with excellence. These standards allow the repeated use of rules, conditions and guidelines for products and production methods to serve the firm’s needs best. Part of the work undertaken by the Bitcoin Association includes the formation and management of a Technical Standards Committee (TSC).

The TSC heads the development of a robust and feature-packed set of standards that simplifies the process of connecting services operating on the Bitcoin network. It promotes technical excellence that subsequently develops BSV’s utility by unlocking interoperability with standardization, facilitated industry participation in developing the same standards, and ensuring technical standards are maintained and freely available.

Working groups within the TSC serve to evaluate and develop each standard. It then operates under a set of four principles defined to ensure the committee is up to standard and always makes the best decision for the ecosystem.

  1. Industry-driven: Experts and companies, in response to an identified need within their respective industries, take the lead in deciding which standards should be developed.
  2. Created by experts: Industry experts are involved at all stages of the standard development process, from deciding whether a new standard is needed to defining all technical content and reviewing and monitoring industry adoption once published.
  3. Collaborative and objective: An open process to ensure that all parties concerned are offered the opportunity to be actively involved in standard development. The recommended solution is a result of a consensus-based approach that fully considers comments gathered from stakeholders during both the internal and public review phases.
  4. Accountable and open: TSC standard development follows transparent procedures. The implementation of standards is monitored and recorded internally with a summary of technical decisions and comments received made publicly available.

The four principles of the TSC are just a few of the many benefits that Bitcoin offers for enterprises. The Bitcoin Enterprise course also sheds light on the real meaning behind the Bitcoin white paper for enrollees to better understand how it can be utilized to enhance their businesses.

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