Leapdroid: Valencia’s Innovative Player in the Global Software Industry

Leapdroid: Valencia’s Innovative Player in the Global Software Industry

Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain, known for its thriving tech industry, is home to various notable software companies. These companies, boasting their homegrown expertise and innovative solutions, are trailblazers in their respective brackets of the software landscape. Here, we take a closer look at several indispensable companies that continue to shape the industry, including their offerings and notable impact.

In this appealing hotbed of innovation and technology, various businesses are remarkably reshaping diverse industries–– from e-commerce, health-care, 3D technology, artificial intelligence, to food delivery. With innovative applications and software solutions, these companies are seen as vital players in the rapidly morphing backdrop of a globalized market.

Unraveling the extent of their contributions, we offer a deep dive into the unique features that set these pioneering entities apart, setting the bar high for contenders in the vibrant Spain software industry. Following is a roster of these game-changers worth knowing about.

Sales Layer

Sales Layer, an enterprising software company founded by Alvaro Verdoy and Iban Borras, focuses on Cloud Computing, Enterprise Software, Information Services, Internet, Product Management, SaaS, and Software. It offers a globally leading PIM (Product Information Management) SaaS platform, dutifully serving brands such as Teka, Rexel, ACCIONA, and AkzoNobel. Connect with Sales Layer onLinkedIn,Twitter, and Facebook.


Founded by Inaki Berenguer, iPronics is an innovative software company specializing in the concepts of general-purpose integrated programmable photonic systems. Their mission revolves around Manufacturing, Semiconductor, Software. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Sheetgo, established by Chad Pittman, Jonatan Gomes da Silva, Rafael de Alemar Vidal, Yannick Rault van der Vaart, is devoted to empowering businesses with no-code automation. Connect with Sheetgo on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


aunoa is a software company invested in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning spearheaded by Fernando Perez Borrajo, Jesus Iglesias, and José Manuel Sanchis. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


photonicSENS, founded by Ann Whyte and Jorge Blasco, believes in enabling next-generation depth perception experiences. They operate within 3D Technology, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Information Technology, Mobile Devices, Software, and Virtual Reality. Reach out to them via Twitter, Facebook, or visit their LinkedIn page.


Healz is making strides in the realms of Artificial Intelligence, Health Care, Health Diagnostics, Lifestyle, and Software, all while striving to bring significant transformations in the healthcare industry. Contact the company on LinkedIn.

Club Clínico

Club Clínico, supported by founders Jaime de Barrio Aguirre, Javier Iglesia Sabio, and Manuel de Barrio Aguirre, is a software company offering a new way of managing dental clinics. They can also be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.


CubicUp, founded by Angel Roman Perez, is a Neo Construction company that centers on Architecture, Construction, Real Estate, and Software. Reach out to them through Twitter or their LinkedIn page.


PlayFilm, steered by Rafael Navarro and Raquel Valero, is a tech start-up developing software for interactive video formats. Their platform is a significant game-changer in the field of Digital Marketing, Software, and Video. They also have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


MYSPHERA, envisioned by Eduardo Monton Sanchez and Salvador Vera, offers Internet of Things for Healthcare solutions globally. The innovation merges Enterprise Software, Health Care, and the Internet of Things, proving invaluable in various healthcare organizations. Converse with them on Twitter or their LinkedIn page.


Ordatic, helmed by David Valles and Jormar Arellano, is an IT company developed to link customers’ online orders with their preferred restaurants. Connect with Ordatic on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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