Leapdroid: Unfolding the Software Gauntlet from Kent’s Vibrant Tech Landscape


Founded in 2006 by Nathan Parrett, PageSuite is at the forefront of providing digital publishing software to international and UK-based magazines and newspapers. Their transformative software offers marketing tools, analytics, landing pages, and off page advertising, aiding publishers in digitally converting their titles for more engaging audience experiences. Connect with them on various platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


With a mission to make world-class behavioural health accessible to everyone in the UK, Mynurva was founded by Rachel Cornish and Zain Sikafi. Using technology as a game-changer, they aim to transform behavioural health service provisions by offering high-quality, reliable, and discreet services. To stay updated with their journey, follow their journey on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Apex Networks

Apex Networks is a leader in providing software solutions to the vehicle breakdown and logistics sectors. Notable for their expertise, the company has emerged as the go-to software supplier to the rescue and recovery sector, boasting over 500 active and nationally recognised clients. Find them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Known globally for its top-notch technology solutions, Marco specializes in providing software and hardware for manufacturing and packing operations. Engage with them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Aurora Billing

Specializing in information technology, software, and telecommunications, Aurora Billing offers cutting-edge billing software for products such as telecoms, mobile, data, cloud and utilities. Keep up-to-date with this innovator on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Since 1986, FMIS offers asset management and order processing software for any organization, in any industry, and any country. With a reputable global client base in over 40 countries and operational on most hardware platforms, you can keep an eye on their work on Twitter or LinkedIn.


As a software developer specialising in the gaming and video games industry, Warchest is fueling its progress and sharing the journey on the Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn platforms.

Nucleus VP Group

Nucleus VP Group, a powerhouse of technology entrepreneurs, engineers, and scientists, specialises in software development and telecommunications. They’re contributing significantly to the tech world by building sustainable companies. Stay connected on LinkedIn.


Operating within the insurance, rental, and software industry, Rent4sure is a game-changer. Follow their developments and achievements via Twitter and LinkedIn.

VLE Support

To revolutionize the e-Learning and education industry, VLE Support offers software engineering services. Make sure to follow their updates on LinkedIn.


Founded by Karen Travers and Steven Schmidt, Quvium utilizes software solutions to provide early warning service for asthma patients. Stay updated with their journey through LinkedIn.

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