Leapdroid: Transformational Graphic Design Firm from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, has become a hub for companies specializing in the fast-paced industry of Graphic Design. Here, a variety of companies are operating and making significant strides in different sectors such as advertising, web design, web development, and public relations. We’ve curated a list of these standout companies, delving into their characteristics and contributions.

In today’s digital world, graphic design has become a crucial part of effective communication. It gives businesses an edge in the market, helping them convey their messages in a creative and engaging manner. Whether it’s for brand identity, online presence, promotional materials, or digital marketing campaigns, these Edmonton-based companies are at the forefront of this creative revolution.

The graphic design industry in Edmonton is diverse, with companies providing a mixture of specialized services. Some focus on traditional graphic design, others on web and UI design, and others on combining design with marketing or advertising solutions. Despite their differences, all these companies share a commitment to exceptional design quality and innovative solutions.

Cybertech Automation

Cybertech Automation operates in the asset management, graphic design, and UX Design industry. Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the company is linked with top-notch asset management, UX design and offers a unique focus on graphic design. For more information, follow Cybertech Automation on LinkedIn and Twitter @opliiapp.

Berlin Communications

Specializing in public relations and graphic design, Berlin Communications employs a unique approach to stakeholder engagement. They use media relations, government relations, and crisis communications to raise awareness of significant issues or initiatives.


In the consumer goods, manufacturing, and wholesale industry, N’Take stands apart. Offering a range of custom reusable carry bags designed with impressive graphic details. N’Take’s bags stand out in the industry, showcasing their unique touch for graphic design. Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter @ntakeproducts.

Sonder Creative

With their focus on advertising, graphic design, and marketing, Sonder Creative leaves its unique footprint in the Edmonton graphic design scene. To catch a glimpse of their work, take a look at their Facebook page.


G[squared] combines its prowess in advertising, web design, and web development with a love for graphic design. See their work and learn more about them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter @getgsquared.

Design Revolution

Operating in the realms of architecture, construction, and graphic design, Design Revolution is driven by founder Daryl Procinsky’s passion for authentic and thought-provoking designs.

Choice OMG

Choice OMG, founded by Peter Jaffray, specializes in various digital solutions including advertising, graphic design, mobile advertising, SEO, web design, web development, and web hosting. Experience how they combine creativity with technical expertise via their social media channels on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter @choiceomg.

Factor Forms and Labels

Factor Forms and Labels provide business forms, digital printing, labeling solutions, and graphic design services. They master the art of delivering messages that attract attention. Visit them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Alyson Hodson, Zag operates in advertising, project management, social media management, and web development. They are associated with creativity, innovation, and effectiveness. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter @atozag.


Amplomedia combines digital marketing, graphic design skills, and social media marketing strategies to create a tangible impact. Stay updated with their latest creations on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter @amplomedia?lang=en.

Web Design Edmonton G16framework Media

Web Design Edmonton G16framework Media, led by founder Emmanuel Zimalks, is a creative web design agency. They specialize in SEO-friendly personal, company, and e-commerce website design. To learn more about their services, visit their social media pages on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter @g16framework.

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