Leapdroid: Trailblazing IT Innovation from Ashiya, Hyogo’s Tech Hub

Within the historic and picturesque city of Ashiya, Hyogo, Japan, thrives an ecosystem of innovative companies operating in the Information Technology industry. These diverse companies, ranging from business development to medical and recruiting services, draw strength from their unique approach to integrating technology and specialized industry expertise. This article takes you on a tour of some of these companies, unfurling their unique contributions to the IT industry.

The city of Ashiya, known for its prosperous commerce district and thriving economy, has seen an influx of technology firms in recent years. Combining local ingenuity with a global perspective, these companies are at the forefront of new developments in software, information services, web and mobile app development, and more. Whether they’re designing cutting-edge platforms for the healthcare industry or creating impactful business development solutions, these companies exemplify innovation in the heartland of Japan’s IT industry.

Here, we will explore the subtleties, nuances, and accomplishments of these companies. Detailed information about each of them is outlined below under respective subheadings, including their industry scope, founders, websites, and social media platforms. Such a breakdown should provide a quick reference guide for anyone seeking to delve deeper into the vibrant and ever-evolving IT landscape in Ashiya, Hyogo, Japan.

CS Services

CS Services operates in the business development, embedded systems, information technology, and software industries. It provides a range of services that have effectively met clients’ demands over time. CS Services also has a noticeable presence on LinkedIn.


CRYPTEX, an IT software company is notable for its input in the computer sector. They have built a reputation for developing robust and innovative software solutions that meet and exceed industry standards. Connect with them through their Facebook page.


With specialization in health care, information services, information technology, and medical services, NDC PLUS ALPHA boils down complex health information into user-friendly interfaces that enhance health care delivery.


Mokosoft excels in the fields of information technology, mobile apps, software, web design, and web development. Their innovative solutions are a beacon of their technical prowess and intertwined understanding of multiple industries.


NEXTIT holds a strong foothold in the information technology, medical, and software industry. They innovate and provide software solutions towards the ever-evolving medical field. Be updated about their advances at LinkedIn.

KCS Solutions

Offering a range of services including information technology, outsourcing, recruiting, and staffing, KCS Solutions is making strides in the service industry. They have a wide reach over LinkedIn.


Genio provides exceptional services in information services, information technology, software, and web development. Get latest updates about their work and projects through Facebook and their LinkedIn profile.

Mitsubishi Electric Control Software

Mitsubishi Electric Control Software operates in the fields of information services, information technology, and software, providing vital solutions to businesses and organizations within various fields.


Pascal, operating in the sectors of information technology, sales, and software, utilizes innovative technologies to offer competitive products that meet a wide range of clientele needs.

Siba Service

Serving in the information services, information technology, and software sectors, Siba Service effectively merges a customer-centric approach with advanced technologies to deliver custom-tailored solutions.

Welcom Design

Welcom Design excels in the fields of information technology, software, and web development. They offer world-class services and can be contacted through their Twitter handle: @welcom_design or through their Facebook page.

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