Leapdroid: Spearheading San Francisco’s Predictive Analytics Software Revolution

Leapdroid: Spearheading San Francisco’s Predictive Analytics Software Revolution

The predictive analytics industry remains on a steady incline as business sectors continues to shift towards data-driven decision making. Companies harnessing this technology are capitalizing on machine learning, AI, advanced analytics and more to anticipate future events, thus allowing them to position their business strategically and gain a competitive advantage. Many leading companies in the predictive analytics industry are headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States. This article explores some of these prominent companies and their contributions within this industry.

Predictive analytics offers an essential edge in today’s business landscape by providing precise and timely insights from large volumes of data. This technology allows companies to predict trends and behaviours, giving businesses a significant advantage in crafting effective strategies. From real estate and finance to healthcare and digital marketing, the potential applications of predictive analytics are vast.

San Francisco, a city renowned for its thriving tech scene and innovation, is home to numerous companies driving advancements in predictive analytics. We’ll be taking a closer look at some of the companies based in San Francisco, contributing to this thriving industry.


Founded by Alex Cornell, Brian Peterson, Craig Walker, and John Rector in 2011, Dialpad is an AI-driven telecommunications platform that offers solutions in VoIP, machine learning, predictive analytics and more. Known for its cloud communication platform that turns conversations into opportunities, Dialpad has propelled communication solutions to another level by capitalizing on AI technology. This has seen a rise in demand for their products such as Dialpad, Dialpad Sell, UberConference, and Dialpad Contact Center solutions, all of which are powered by VoiceAI. The products cover the full range of modern business communications needs, secure and robust in design, enabling employees to collaborate efficiently across any device.


Omneky’s founder, Hikari Senju, envisioned the company as a platform that utilizes deep learning to personalize advertising across all digital channels. Their advanced machine learning algorithms analyze designs and messaging that resonate with potential customers, using these insights to generate ads most likely to drive sales – a significant stride in the advertising landscape.


AppsFlyer, co-founded by Oren Kaniel and Reshef Mann, is dedicated to helping brands make informed decisions through its advanced measurement, data analytics, deep linking, engagement, fraud protection, and data clean room technologies. The company empowers thousands of creators and over 10,000+ technology partners to create better, more meaningful customer relationships.


Co-founded by Dave Tobias and David Lyman, Betterview is a property intelligence platform that aids insurers in scoring, managing, and managing property risk. Betterview’s unique combination of geospatial data sources and proprietary machine learning technology delivers precise and actionable insights, facilitating accelerated decision-making processes and improved risk management.


Tecton is an enterprise-ready feature store designed to make machine learning accessible to every company. Co-founded by Jeremy Hermann, Kevin Stumpf, and Mike Del Balso, Tecton is based on the firm belief that businesses require a new kind of data platform, one tailored to machine learning’s unique requirements.


Wayne Chang and Jeff Seibert founded Digits with a vision of building tools for businesses and finance professionals. This fintech company leverages its proprietary Living Model technology to facilitate better-informed business decisions.


NextRoll, co-founded by Aaron Bell, Jared Kopf, Peter Krivkovich, and Valentino Volonghi, is a marketing technology company dedicated to delivering ambitious companies the products they need to grow their businesses. By harnessing machine learning and integrated data platforms, NextRoll serves thousands of businesses worldwide through its business units: RollWorks and AdRoll.


Co-founded by Chris Stroud and Jeremy Sicklick, HouseCanary revolutionizes the residential real estate investment and lending ecosystems. The company offers professional-grade home valuation products underpinned by over four years of real estate data that drives industry-based analytics and value forecasts, which are delivered instantly, providing actionable insights.


Founded by Jeremy Howard and Kevin Lyman, Enlitic is a pioneer in medical deep learning. The company leverages proprietary algorithms to quickly and accurately improve healthcare diagnoses, providing a more efficient platform for pharmaceutical research and drug trials.


Arkestro is a predictive procurement software founded by Christian Ries, Edmund Zagorin, and Rob DeSantis. The platform pre-embeds preferred outcomes in any system or process, enabling businesses to orchestrate activities across systems using instant forecasts and real-time collaboration.

Swish Analytics

Founders Corey Beaumont, Joseph Hagen, and Robert Skoff created Swish Analytics to provide sports predictions and analytics using in-depth historical data and proprietary algorithms. The platform serves fans, bettors, and media partners through licensing and subscription-based services.

In conclusion, San Francisco continues to be a hub for cutting-edge technology advancements in predictive analytics. It is exciting to see the innovation and growth these companies bring to various business sectors and how predictive analytics will continue to shape our future and the way we do business.

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