Leapdroid: Shanghai’s Innovator in Android Emulator Technology Landscape

Leapdroid: Shanghai’s Innovator in Android Emulator Technology Landscape

Shanghai, the largest city in the world by population, has quickly become the epicenter of technological innovation in China. The city houses a plethora of trailblazing technology companies pushing the boundaries of computer software, artificial intelligence, and more. This article highlights several of these cutting-edge companies – all making significant strides in their respective industries and all calling Shanghai home.

The range of industries these companies cater to is as impressive as the solutions they provide – from intelligent commercial hardware to enterprise resource planning applications, to computer vision applications, these Shanghai-based companies are not only defining trends within the field of technology, but also contributing significantly to the way businesses operate and individuals go about their daily lives.

Let’s delve deeper into these companies to better understand the work they do, as well as the core concepts that drive them. We will be highlighting a total of ten companies in this feature.

Sunmi Technology

Founded by Lin Jack, Sunmi Technology is a technological innovation-based enterprise known for providing O2O platforms, software developers, and traditional businesses with professional intelligent commercial hardware equipment. The company primarily focuses on the R&D of commercial hardware and aims to integrate the supply chain to provide value to partners and establish a new commercial civilization. You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Jushuitan Network Technology

Founded by Haidong Luo, Jushuitan Network Technology is involved in the research and development of Software as a Service (SaaS) enterprise resource planning (ERP) application services.

DeepBlue Technology

Founded by Haibo Chen, DeepBlue Technology is revolutionizing the retail industry with a completely autonomous smart store. With their cutting-edge smart store, DeepBlue is redefining the concept of “shopping”. The company integrates deep learning algorithm, computer vision, biometric recognition and payment into one system providing a truly automated and streamlined retail process. Join their journey on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Jinxiang Chai, Xmov focuses on creating professional infrastructure for 3D virtual content production and more. They aim to build a platform for creating and educating people for a virtual world and foster development in this field.

Emotibot Technologies

Emotibot Technologies, founded by Kenny Chien, designs and develops emotional intelligence systems for robots. The company is known for its multi-modal emotion recognition and machine learning platforms. Keep up with their technological advances on Facebook and LinkedIn.


DGene is a virtual reality solution provider founded by Jason Yang, Jingyi Yu, Xu Hong and Yi Ma. They serve numerous industries with wide applications from digital entertainment to medical fields. Follow them on LinkedIn.

Shadow Creator

Shadow Creator, a company specialized in developing hardware and software for smart glasses, was founded by Li Sun. The company’s mission is to bring the power of technology to people’s daily lives. Discover their insights on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

APEX Technologies

Founded by Jimmy Hu and Tiger Yang, APEX Technologies is a customer data technology and AI company. They blend big data, AI, and blockchain technology to solve complex problems. Catch APEX on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Yao Peng, Supremind is an AI-based video big data analysis company.

Cloudpick Technology

Founded by Jeff Feng, Cloudpick Technology specializes in the development of computer vision and artificial intelligence applications. Follow their work on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Gritworld, founded by Dr. Xiaomao Wu, is known for revolutionizing the world of real-time graphics and computer vision. They focus on enhancing the quality and efficiency of real-time data simulation, visualization, and standardization.

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