Leapdroid: Revolutionizing Tokyo’s Online Gaming via Advanced Software Solutions

The Japanese online gaming industry is booming with an influx of innovative companies offering a wide range of gaming solutions. These companies not only specialize in various genres of games but also use their technological expertise to redefine the gaming experience – whether it’s through mobile apps, social media platforms, video streaming, or e-commerce platforms. Based in the vibrant city of Tokyo, these companies cater to various demographics and strive to make gaming a universal, inclusive culture. Here are some of the prominent companies that are revolutionizing the online games industry in Japan.


Developing games that billions of people can play together is the main goal of Playco. This instant-play gaming company was founded by Justin Waldron, Michael Carter, Takeshi Otsuka, and Teddy Cross. Playco works closely with a vast network of partners, ranging from global tech and social media giants to startups developing innovative technologies. Their focus lies in the realm of gaming, gamification, online games, and video streaming.


Akatsuki offers MobileSocialGame services that employ cutting-edge technology and creative ideas to deliver unique gaming experiences to users. Founders Genki Shiota and Tetsuro Kouda aim to provide new value to society through the services, both in the realms of gaming and social media.


Founded by Tadashi Shiiba and Watase Hiroyuki, Aiming Inc. has developed numerous browser-based and social games for smartphones and PCs. Their vision is to succeed in the interconnected environment of smartphones and other mobile devices through innovation and experience.

Mynet Inc.

Mynet was founded in 2006 by Jin Uehara and Koichi Nakagawa. It offers community games to the Japanese and Asian markets and is known for role-playing games such as Emblem of Falkyrie and Angel Master.

Pocket Queries

Pocket Queries, founded by Sasaki Nobuhiko, focuses on game development, particularly in 3D and VR/AR/MR practical application development. They also work in the field of e-commerce platforms, internet, media, and entertainment.

Nandemo Draft (Nandora)

Nandemo Draft, or Nandora, is a company dedicated to the development of online games and sports, with a focus on fantasy sports. Founders Hiromitsu Morii and Keigo Namiki prioritize enriching the daily lives of their users through engrossing games.

TAMA Corporation

TAMA, founded by Kazama Masahito, is renowned for the planning, development, and operation of games, including the baseball simulation game. They extend their services through their software.

The Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Company is a joint venture by Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures. Founded by Tsunekazu Ishihara, this company has a vast reach managing retail store operation, game software, card games, license management, TV animation and film, and other ancillary businesses all under the Pokémon franchise.


Dendama has creatively modified the traditional Kendama by adding sensors that allow Kendama players to play over the internet in real-time. This unique innovation illustrates their mission to spread the joy of playing Kendama across the globe.


Mugenup is a creative content production company specializing in 2D and 3D assets for games, illustrations, video, and animation. Under founder Yoshihiko Kinoshita’s leadership, they also develop their own content production online management system.


NextNinja, founded by Masayuki Yamagishi, is a gaming company focusing on online games and video games. Their creativity is focused solely on providing unique and engaging gaming experiences for their users.

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