Leapdroid: Pioneering Web Design Solutions from Miami’s Tech Hub

In this article, we’ll spotlight top Miami-based companies operating in the web design industry. Despite being scattered across various sectors, all these organizations share a common thread — their innovative approaches to web design and digital solutions. By exploring these companies, we can appreciate the educational, economic, and technological opportunities within Miami’s tech ecosystem.

These companies are making strides in B2B services, software development, information technology, digital marketing, among many others. They contribute to the growth of Miami’s technological landscape while offering unique solutions optimized for efficiency, user experience, and outstanding design. Let’s get to know them:

We will highlight each company’s industry, founders, description, and contact information. You will also get to explore their websites first-hand, with provided URLs.


Dexla, founded by Jade Bates and Tom McDonough, operates within the realm of B2B, information technology, software, web apps, and web design. Their low-code tool helps cloud-first tech companies innovate faster. You can keep up with their updates on LinkedIn and follow them on Twitter @dexla_inc.

People as a Service

The founders, Andrew Block and Rolf Ritter, conceived People as a Service to provide an innovative solution for small businesses seeking specialized skills. They’ve simplified the process of finding, managing, and compensating freelancers. They’re active on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @PeopleAsService.

ARF Services

ARF Services, a leader in web design, development, and digital marketing for over seven years, prides itself on delivering brilliant solutions across multiple platforms. You can follow their updates and join their over 500 satisfied clients on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @ServicesArf.

Digital Silk

Founded by Gabriel Shaoolian, Digital Silk is a well-known creative digital agency offering a myriad of services, including branding, web design and development, and digital marketing. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @digitalsilkco.


Bacancy operates within the boundaries of web design, software development, and IT under the leadership of founders Binal Patel and Chandresh Patel. They offer agile-based training, coaching, and software development. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @bacancytech. | B2b Ratings and Reviews assists providers and clients in navigating the IT service landscape by highlighting top-performing companies. They undertake comprehensive research to deliver unbiased ratings and reviews of top expert companies.


Founded by Andres Focil, WMT focuses on problem-solving through technology. They leverage user search patterns to build unique digital products that spur action. Follow their updates on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @wmtdigital.


Varfaj, established by Cameron Zoub, David Conforti, and Steven Schwartz, prides itself on strong customer relationships and innovative thinking. Reach out to them on LinkedIn and Twitter @varfajpartners for further interaction.

Absolute Web

Founded by Roman Yoffe, Absolute Web is a full-service digital agency, experts in ecommerce development and management, web design, and marketing. Connect with their team on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @itsabsoluteweb.

On The Map

On The Map, founded by Rick Hoskins, is a marketing company specializing in internet marketing solutions, from website design to search engine optimization. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @OnTheMap for their latest updates.


IKONIC, founded in 2015, is a software development firm that offers bespoke software solutions to various markets worldwide. Their services range from software and web development to e-commerce solutions and mobile application development. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

In conclusion, Miami’s tech ecosystem has proven fertile ground for innovative companies pushing the boundaries of web design and digital solutions. These players play an integral part in shaping the industry’s future and our digital world.

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