Leapdroid: Pioneering Web App Solutions from Chennai’s Tech Hub

Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, is a thriving hub for software and app companies. Boasting several multinational corporations and small to medium enterprises, the city has earned a reputation as a key player in the development of Web Apps. This article aims to explore several thriving companies headquartered in Chennai focusing on open-source security solutions, mobile app developments, digital strategy consultations, laundry services, analytics, and other unique digital solutions.

These companies have not only contributed significantly to Chennai’s steady economic growth; but their innovative ideas and avant-garde digital solutions have also helped position Chennai in a global landscape.

Below is an exploration into the world of these boundary-pushing Chennai-based companies, providing insight into their formation, business models, industry focus and more.


Co-founded by Anant Shrivastava and Lavakumar Kuppan, Ironwasp stands tall in the realm of open source security. The company has developed an advanced system for web application vulnerability testing. Although their product is designed with advanced users in mind, beginners can also leverage its features due to its user-friendly design.

Go Dimensions

Founded by Sanjay Kumaran and Shravan Kumaran, Go Dimensions is a company with expertise in the iOS, Mobile Apps, Software, and Web Apps industry.

doodleblue Innovations

With a team of over 240 passionate professionals, doodleblue Innovations provides digital strategy consultation and services for multiple domains. The company, helmed by Atishe Chordia and Nishyta Chordia, plays a massive role in digital transformation for clients globally.

Dhobi G

Founded by Ankur Gupta, Daksh Sabharwal, and Ravi Ranjan, Dhobi G is revolutionizing the laundry industry in India with its on-demand laundry service.

VRapido Technologies

With two decades of experience, VRapido Technologies provides software solutions focusing on AI, Analytics, and Mobile App development. They have over 100 employees engaging in the development of various technology solutions.


NIHON TECHNOLOGY is a company that provides services in the Analytics, Big Data, ERP, IT, Mobile Apps, and Web Apps domain.

Kabadiwalla Connect

Founded by Ganesh Kumar Subramanian, Siddharth Hande, and Sonaal Bangera, Kabadiwalla Connect works towards integrating irregular stakeholders into the formal waste collection and recycling supply chain.

Mitosis Technologies

Founded by Sathiyan Sivaprakasam, Mitosis Technologies empowers businesses by enabling them to build, launch, and scale industry-shattering software products and digital platforms.

Dart Innovations

Dart Innovations is a company neglecting CMS, Mobile Apps, Software, Web Apps, and Web Development needs.

Crediblesoft Technology Solutions

Cofounded by Asha Vaidya, Debasis Pradhan, and Subhasis Pradhan, Crediblesoft Technology Solutions offers end-to-end software solutions, prominentl in web and mobile application testing. With their commitment to efficiency and high-quality delivery, they have earned trust from a vast clientele.

iTech India

Founded by Kishore Khandavalli, iTech India operates in the Information Technology, Mobile Apps, Software, and Web Apps industry, making a significant contribution to Chennai’s digital scene.

Through demonstrating their innovative ideas and forward-thinking approach, these Chennai-based companies have showcased the city as a thriving hot-spot for technological development.

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