Leapdroid: Pioneering Software Innovation in Katowice, Slaskie, Poland


Katowice, a city located in the Slaskie region of Poland, is progressively becoming a hub for software and tech-dedicated companies. Its geographic location, talented workforce and government’s supportive policies put it on the global tech map. From AI to cybersecurity, big data to biometrics – there is an array of innovative tech-driven businesses operating in various industries. Here is a spotlight on some of the companies shaping the tech industry in Katowice, contributing to its recognition as a rising tech hub in Europe.


Founded in Katowice, 3Soft is recognized in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Machine Learning, and Software. As a rapidly growing tech company, it provides innovative tech-infused solutions and services to its reputable clients. You can follow them on Facebook and Linkedin for their latest updates.

Digital Fingerprints

Providing solutions in the realm of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Biometrics, Cyber Security, and more, Digital Fingerprints has set its mark as an innovative tech company based in Katowice. Co-founded by Krzysztof Raczyński, Mateusz Chrobok, Sebastian Czarnota, Digital Fingerprints provides continuous authentication based on behavioural biometrics. You can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Cyberus Labs

Founded by George Slawek, Jack Wolosewicz, Marek Ostafil, Cyberus Labs is committed into eliminating the source of cyber threats, by providing solutions in the Cyber Security and Information Technology domain. Their services can be beneficial for businesses, institutions and state agencies. Stay connected with them on Facebook and Linkedin.


Founded by Adam Filipowski and Andrea Cimbal Matic, Advisero is an innovative tech company specialising in the Customer Service, Internet, Messaging, Social Media, and Software industry. Advisero automates repetitive customer service cases by naturally answering even complex questions. Follow their Linkedin for updates.


ADVISE, founded by Pawel Salajczyk, Robert Skowron, Tomasz Slazok, is a front-runner in the tech industry in Katowice. Stay updated with their latest inventions and announcements via Linkedin.


Parkanizer, founded by Maciej Lukas, contributes significantly to the tech industry. They specialise in Intelligent management of parking spaces in urban agglomerations and public facilities. You can follow them on Facebook for their latest updates.


Enterpryze is a successful company in the Apps, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Mobile Apps, and Software industry. Founded by Morgan Browne, follow their Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin for their latest updates.


Founded by Jerzy Kufel, Iteo is a software house specialising in Web & Mobile apps. The company serves customers across 4 continents with its professional and experienced team. Stay connected with them on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.


KAMSOFT is a crucial player in the Computer, Health Care, and Software industry. It provides its clients with substantive and technical care at every stage of the implementation and operation of computer systems. Stay tuned with them via Facebook and Linkedin.


Prodio, founded by Marek Mrowiec, is recognized for easing the process of production planning and calculation for small manufacturers. Stay up-to-date with their latest innovations via Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.


Founded by Jakub Gaj, Zendo is a platform that enables businesses to deliver services to their customers from one place. It aims at becoming an all-in-one suite for selling bespoke services online. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin for updates on their solutions and services.

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