Leapdroid: Pioneering Mobile App Development in Seattle’s Tech Scene

Leapdroid: Pioneering Mobile App Development in Seattle’s Tech Scene

In the Pacific Northwest, embedded within the bustling urban landscape of Seattle, there lies a thriving hub of technology and innovation. This city, known for its verdant landscapes and progressive mindset, is home to a diverse array of industry-leading mobile technology companies. This article series is dedicated to highlighting many of these innovative companies — their stories, their successes, and their impact on the mobile industry and beyond.

Several globally recognized companies call Seattle home but this city is also nurturing a generation of startups. The wider mobile industry, a multidimensional sector that includes software development, app creation, internet-based services, marketing, and e-commerce, among others, has seen considerable growth over the years. The companies featured in this series stand at the forefront of this industry, propelling it forward with their innovative technology solutions and services.

From pioneering new ways of handling big data to revolutionizing mobile health care, these Seattle-based companies are driving progress not just within their city’s borders, but worldwide. We invite you to join us as we delve into the gripping stories behind these companies and learn more about the people and products that are reshaping the mobile industry.

Pioneer Square Labs

Founded by Ben Gilbert, Geoff Entress, Greg Gottesman, and Julie Sandler, Pioneer Square Labs is a dynamic technology startup studio that incubates and launches technology startups right in the heart of Seattle. Offering a wide range of services from market research to talent acquisition, Pioneer Square Labs provides startup businesses with the platform and support they need to succeed. Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn


Putting data into the hands of end-users, AppSheet is transforming the way businesses operate. Its novel platform allows users to build powerful, custom applications with no coding necessary – essentially democratizing application development. Founded by Brian Sabino and Praveen Seshadri, this Seattle-based company offers applications for a variety of platforms, opening up digital potential to a wide audience. Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn


Placing the future of primary healthcare in the virtual realm, 98point6 offers personalized consultation, diagnosis, and treatment via an intuitive mobile app. Spearheaded by Gordon Cohen, Jeff Greenstein, and Robbie Cape, 98point6 serves millions of patients around the globe, providing high-quality healthcare with the ease of a text. Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn


Founded by Jim Xiao, Mason offers a faster, more efficient way to bring smart devices from the drawing board to end-user. The company’s Smart Device Platform grants organizations granular access to device capabilities – making software delivery to a smart product line more cost-efficient and device management more streamlined. Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn


As the world’s leading cannabis marketplace and resource center, Leafly aims to help people connect with the right cannabis experience for them. Founded by Brian Wansolich, Cy Scott, and Scott Vickers, this trusted platform offers industry-leading B2B and B2C services, aiding more than 6000 retailers in new customer acquisition and order fulfillment. Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn


In a digital world increasingly fraught with scams and unwanted calls, Hiya offers a refreshing solution. Utilizing its advanced caller identification application, the company provides phone users with a safer, more secure communication experience. Founded by Alex Algard, Hiya serves over 100 million users, offering yet another innovative Seattle-based solution to a pressing global problem. Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn


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