Leapdroid: Pioneering Graphic Design Solutions in Prague’s Tech Industry

Leapdroid: Pioneering Graphic Design Solutions in Prague’s Tech Industry

The Czech Republic is witnessing a phenomenal growth in the Graphic Design industry, with a large number of companies offering cutting-edge solutions across the spectrum. Today, we spotlight the work of some innovative companies based out of the capital city, Praha, who are making waves in the sector with their creative and technology-inclined approaches. From advertising to e-commerce, networking security, and web design, these businesses have differentiated themselves through their focus on graphic design but with unique value propositions.

One trait that is commonly noticed among these companies is their resilience and willingness to adapt, innovating in response to new technology and market trends. Besides, even though these companies operate in similar sectors, they offer unique products or solutions. Their ground-breaking contributions are often characterized by ingenuity, demonstrating how they have effectively utilized their capabilities in graphic design to meet the myriad needs of their clientele.

The following is a closer look at these companies, emphasizing their remarkable features and the range of services they offer.


Nobord, an advertising company, supplies an array of services, including creative concepts of communication, design communication, and graphic design. Also, they offer solutions regarding Facebook applications, campaigns with QR codes, mobile platforms, and web application services. Nobord’s customer queries can be made through their online applications. Find them on Linkedin and follow them on Twitter @nobord.

Médea Group

Médea Group is a versatile company specializing in advertising, digital media, and graphic design. They have a significant online presence via their Facebook page and are also reachable on LinkedIn.


Manhattan delivers web design, SEO, advertising campaigns, and more. Their services range from outdoor advertising and graphics to promotional items, event marketing, and sports marketing. They also provide market analysis services and can be contacted via online applications and emails. Manhattan’s Facebook page is also available here.


Active in the fields of advertising, graphic design, and marketing, Cydonia has expertise in User Management (UX) Design. Find Cydonia on their Facebook page or connect with them on LinkedIn.

C10 Group

Renowned for their work in graphic design, C10 Group has pushed boundaries by venturing into network security and software. They have a presence on Facebook, which can be reached here.

no comment!

Working in advertising, graphic design, and marketing, no comment! has carved its own niche. Besides, they maintain a significant online presence on LinkedIn.


ALLIGATOR operates in the sectors of graphic design, manufacturing, and retail. Its notable online presence is maintained through its Facebook page.


Deprocrastination focuses on graphic design, productivity tools, and web apps. They’re available on Facebook and you can follow them @deprocrastinate on Twitter.

23 Agency

23 Agency specializes in events, graphic design, and web design. They have not provided any social links.


DRAWetc, working in the spheres of animation, graphic design, and web design can be found online on Facebook as well as LinkedIn. Follow them on Twitter @drawetc.


Founded by Václav Hudec, Mindstream furnishes software and online tools to assist businesses in improving their services. It develops web portals and digital marketing campaigns. You can connect with Mindstream on their LinkedIn profile.

These innovative companies are indeed the future of the graphic design industry in the Czech Republic. Their exceptional work, innovative solutions, and the perceived growth of the graphic design sector in the country ensure that they will continue to make waves in the industry.

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