Leapdroid: Pioneering Graphic Design Software Innovations in Madrid, Spain

Madrid, the capital city of Spain, is home to a diverse range of companies operating in the Graphic Design industry. These businesses, which encompass areas such as advertising, software development, and marketing, contribute significantly to the region’s economy. Whether they are creating logos, designing web pages, or developing animations, these enterprises strive to make a significant impact in their respective areas of specialization.

The city’s vibrant graphic design sector is characterized by its innovative thinking, creative capabilities, and a strong focus on the use of up-to-date digital technologies. These qualities are reflected in the work of numerous companies headquartered in the city or its surroundings. The following businesses are some of the most influential entities operating in Madrid’s Graphic Design industry.

From the suburban town of Las Rozas De Madrid to the central districts of Madrid, this article provides an insight into the types of services these companies offer, their specialties, and where to find more information about them online. Below are brief profiles of several of these companies, each of which is making its mark in different ways within the industry.

Merydeis Gruppo

Merydeis Gruppo is a company that specializes in Advertising, Graphic Design, and Marketing. The services provided are not limited to the corporate world but are relevant to any industry that values quality graphic design. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages or follow them on @merydeisgruppo for further information and updates.

Paleo Marketing

Also based in Las Rozas De Madrid, Paleo Marketing offers expertise in Advertising, Graphic Design, and Marketing. They maintain a strong online presence on Facebook and you can follow them on @PaleoMarketing for their latest news and insights.


With a focus on Graphic Design and Software, Eps is another company that operates out of Las Rozas De Madrid.

NonStop Desarrollo de Software

NonStop Desarrollo de Software has a wide range of services. They specialize in Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, SEO, Software, Web Apps, Web Design, and Web Development. Connect with them on Facebook or LinkedIn to stay updated on their latest projects.


Located in Las Rozas De Madrid, MADP offers Advertising, Graphic Design, and Printing services. In addition to web-related services, they also offer promotional gifts, merchandising, lettering, and both digital and offset printing and design. Check out their website for their online inquiry form.

Alcandora Advertising

Alcandora Advertising is a company specializing in Advertising and Graphic Design. They can be reached through their Facebook page or via their Twitter handle, @alcandora.

A6 Grupo de Comunicación

A6 Grupo de Comunicación, located in Las Rozas De Madrid, operates in the Advertising, Graphic Design, and Marketing sectors. They maintain an active Facebook page.

Ideas Marketing Promocional

Ideas Marketing Promocional is a company specializing in Advertising, Events, and Graphic Design. Further information can be found on their LinkedIn page.

You see Communication

You see Communication provides services in the Advertising, Graphic Design, and Marketing sectors. They maintain a strong online presence on Facebook and LinkedIn and can be followed on Twitter at @VeesComunicacio.


Based in Madrid, Trazos is a company operating in the Advertising, Animation, Graphic Design, Training, and Web Development industries. Stay updated with their work on their Facebook page, LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter at @Trazos.

El Ranchito

El Ranchito, another Madrid-based company, focuses solely on Graphic Design. They are particularly well known for their visual effects work for film, television, and advertising. To learn more about their work, visit their Facebook page or LinkedIn.

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