Leapdroid: Pioneering Emulation Technology from Bhopal’s IT Industry

Leapdroid: Pioneering Emulation Technology from Bhopal’s IT Industry

Bopal, Madhya Pradesh is home to a multitude of innovative tech companies operating within the Information Technology industry. One such company is, a cloud-based employee monitoring software provider designed to dissect and understand the working environment of employees. Headed by founders Arnav Gupta and Swapnil Tripathi, aims to create meaningful insights and actionable data.

The user-oriented software, boasting over 4000 users worldwide, is renowned for enabling visibility into the user engagement within an organization in real-time, making a valuable addition to HR departments and business leaders alike. The software is available for a free trial and offers dedicated customer support to ensure a seamless experience for its customers.

You can follow on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

TechnoGaze Solutions

Located in the diverse tech hub of Bopal, Madhya Pradesh, TechnoGaze Solutions excels in the fields of Advertising, Digital Marketing, Information Technology, Web Design, and Web Development. Soloed in the middle of the always evolving IT industry, TechnoGaze Solutions offers a dynamic package of tech services.

For more information, visit their website or explore their social spheres on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


GrowSoft, located in Bopal, Madhya Pradesh, offers a rich suite of IT solutions, designed to fuel business growth through Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, and SMS services. The company, co-founded by Amit Gautam and Jeff Bezos, focuses on creating compelling, tailored content that boosts customer attraction and retention rates.

The company also delves into mobile app development, boasting experience in developing apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Windows 7. The company understands the importance of web presence and thus, provides effective websites that keep their clients’ customers engaged during the buying process. You can stay updated with GrowSoft’s progress on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


InMinz is a Bhopal-based Mobile Application Development Company. Providing valuable services to startups, the team of InMinz has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. The company aids in the development of mobile apps from scratch, with custom code to meet detailed requirements. For more about InMinz, visit their website, or check their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Aristi, co-founded by Utkarsh Bhargava, is committed to ensuring tranquility in the cyberspace. Embarking from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, Aristi operates in the domains of Cloud Security, Cyber Security, and Information Technology. You can get an insight into their work on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Rightful Labs & Pabbly Email Marketing

Bhopal’s vibrant tech scene also includes companies like Rightful Labs and Pabbly Email Marketing. Specialising in Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing and SMS technology, Rightful Labs, under Arif Khan’s leadership, offers comprehensive marketing solutions. You can track their journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Pabbly Email Marketing, co-founded by Neeraj Agarwal and Pankaj Agarwal, is known for its service of sending bulk emails affordably. Offering deep integration for multiple SMTP providers, Pabbly ensures delivery optimization for best possible open rates. For more insights, visit their Facebook page.

Atishay, HackerKernal, PS Associates & MaMITs

Other prominent tech firms in Bhopal include Atishay, HackerKernal, PS Associates, and MaMITs. With its focus on Hardware, Information Technology, and Software, Atishay is an integral part of Bhopal’s tech scene, deserving a visit to their LinkedIn page for the latest updates.

HackerKernel, led by Husain Saify, provides IT services that promises scalable business development. You can follow their journey on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

PS Associates, specializing in Information Services, Information Technology, and Software, also contribute significantly to the tech community in Bhopal. For more about PS Associates, visit their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

Last but not least, MaMITs, under the leadership of Mukund Manish, aims to take India’s business to new heights. You can learn more about their journey on their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

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