Leapdroid: Pioneering Digital Media Innovations in Los Angeles Tech Scene

Los Angeles, California has been in the spotlight not just for its famed Hollywood sign and bustling film industry, but also as a hub for groundbreaking ventures within the digital media landscape. Booming with innovation and creativity, the City of Angels is home to diverse companies that operate in various niches of the digital media space. From music streaming and social media communities to advertising, publishing, and content creation, this article unveils some star companies that are setting the pace in their respective industries, all based in Los Angeles, California.

These companies, listed in no particular order, show the breadth and versatility of digital media businesses present in the city. They are transforming how we consume entertainment, purchase products, stay informed, interact online, and even decide what to wear. The companies also exemplify how digital media can successfully marry technology with creativity and business, thereby offering unique propositions in their respective industries.

This collection of companies provides a glimpse into the vibrant and dynamic digital media landscape in Los Angeles, a city that continues to foster innovation and growth. From longtime industry disruptors to new kids on the block, the list showcases a variety of businesses that leverage digital media’s potential to transform industries and redefine consumer experiences.


Founded by Aaron Samuels, Jeff Nelson, Jonathan Jackson, and Morgan DeBaun, Blavity serves black millennials through a network of brands delivering original content, video, and unique experiences. They operate in the communities, digital media, and social media industry. Connect with them via Facebook, @blavity on Twitter, and on LinkedIn.

Penske Media Corporation

Penske Media Corporation (PMC), a company started by Edward Hertzman, Jay Penske, and Michael Ausiello, provides thriving audiences with engaging content across web, television, mobile, print, and social media platforms. Join their social media conversation on Facebook, @PenskeMedia on Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Fantasy meets reality at Napster, where John Fanning, Sean Parker, and Shawn Fanning created a platform to discover, share, acquire, and enjoy music — anytime, anywhere. Get in touch via Facebook, @napster on Twitter, and on LinkedIn.


VideoAmp, a company co-founded by Dave Gullo and Ross McCray, has redefined how media is valued, bought, and sold. Using its proprietary technology, VideoAmp connects TV, streaming video, and digital media audiences to advertiser sales. Find them on Facebook, @Video_Amp on Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Magnite, founded by Craig Roah, Duc Chau, Frank Addante, and Julie Mattern, provides technology for publishers to monetize their content across all screens and formats. Stay connected via Facebook, @magnite on Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Specializing in film, television, and digital content for the multicultural audience, Macro was created by Charles King. Engage them through Facebook, @staymacro on Twitter, and on LinkedIn.

Donut Media

Co-founded by Ben Conrad and Matthew Levin, Donut Media creates and distributes native car content across social channels with the help of their proprietary tech and curated network of influencers, serving automotive enthusiasts. Find them on Facebook, @donut_media on Twitter, and on LinkedIn.

Mars Reel

Bradley Deyo and Brandon Deyo gave birth to Mars Reel, a global lifestyle brand focusing on high school sports and youth culture. Connect with them via Facebook, @marsreel on Twitter, and on LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Mark Turner and Roy Taylor, Ryff disrupts the branded entertainment industry by using video game technology with photorealistic 3D models inserted into film and TV broadcasts. Engage them through Facebook, @ryff_co on Twitter, and on LinkedIn.

Moment House

Moment House, founded by Arjun Mehta, Nigel Egrari, and Shray Bansal, is a social live media platform allowing creators and artists to interact with their fans online. Join the chat via Facebook, @momenthouse on Twitter, and on LinkedIn.

That’s No Moon

Co-founded by Michael Mumbauer, Nick Kononelos, Taylor Kurosaki, and Tina Kowalewski, That’s No Moon provides engaging products and services for the entertainment industry.

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