Leapdroid: Pioneering Content Creation Software from Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

The Content Creator Industry has seen rapid growth in recent years, especially with the increase in demand for internet-based entertainment and the rise of social media channels. Many innovative companies have emerged in this thriving market, and quite a few are located in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands. This article spotlights some of these outstanding organizations that are shaping the future of content creation:

Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica is a marketplace that targets crafters, offering an easy way to access, manage, and edit fonts, graphics, craft designs, and premium content. Co-founded in 2016 by Anca Stefan and Roemie Hillenaar, it has become a go-to platform for professional designers and hobbyists alike. With novel features such as font cloud and shape cloud, users can gain easy access to the service through a pocket-friendly subscription. Connect with them through their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Founded by Paul Veugen, Detail has brought groundbreaking technology to the content creator industry. Detail is a virtual camera that can be used in various streaming software such as Zoom, Loom, and Meet. This innovative tool allows content creators to add a professional touch to their online presence, thus enhancing their outreach. You can follow Detail on its social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Brian Tsang and Pedro Perez Orlando, is another leading company in the content creator industry that is based in Amsterdam. Its mission is to empower content creators, especially in the travel and lifestyle industries, to monetize their content. With, creators can quickly create, share, and monetize travel experiences using a single link. The company additionally provides insightful analytics to help creators optimize their content. Connect with paak on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles.

And More…

Apart from the above, there are several other impressive companies that add value to the content creation industry in Amsterdam. These include Fashion Potluck, an NFT-powered ecosystem for women; Wordproof, a content creator in the publishing industry; and, which helps businesses inspire shoppers by publishing their print catalogs online.

Furthermore, LinkPizza assists in the advertising sector; Content Stadium enhances user experience through their expertise in social media management and UX Design; while Klaar leverages content creation for lead generation and SEO.

In addition, BrainDonors offers services in advertising, digital marketing, email marketing, and more, while 360 Degrees is making strides in advertising and marketing. All these companies have robust presence on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, keeping their audience updated with the latest offerings.

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