Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulation Technology in Selangor’s IT Landscape

At the heart of Malaysia’s digital economy growth lies the Selangor district, home to several noteworthy Information Technology companies that are propelling the industry forward. With a rich diversity of offerings ranging from network security to software development and data solutions, these companies are set to shape the future of IT in Malaysia and beyond. Here, we delve into the core of these firms, examining their focus areas, founders, and the innovative solutions they bring to our rapidly advancing digital age.

Undoubtedly, Selangor is a thriving nucleus for IT companies, many of whom are working tirelessly to explore, invent, and pioneer in a field that never stands still. These trailblazing companies are not just revolutionizing technology; they are shaping people’s lives and the way we interact with the world. The companies highlighted in this article, located in Selangor, are contributing to advancements across several verticals, including network security, consulting, software, information services, and more, demonstrating the vast range of applications and potentials that the IT industry represents.

For those looking to explore the exciting world of IT in Selangor, Malaysia, the following companies offer a fascinating glimpse into the industry’s future. Each one is known for its unique contribution to the field and exemplifies the spirit of innovation and determination that characterizes Selangor’s IT scene.

ZKZ Technologies

ZKZ Technologies is a key player in the realm of computer technology, information technology, and network security. With no details available about its founders, the company remains an interesting entity in Selangor’s IT landscape. Their LinkedIn page can be found here.

SAFA Integrated

A dynamic company built around consulting, information technology, software, and telecommunications, SAFA Integrated strives to provide advanced IT solutions for various complex problems. The company’s Facebook page can be accessed here, and for more professional details, view their LinkedIn page, here.

Asia Mobiliti

Asia Mobiliti, founded by Premesh Chandran and Ramachandran Muniandy, is a fast-growing tech company focused on creating a data platform to power smart urban mobility in Southeast Asia. You can learn more about their work here on their LinkedIn page.


Featuring in the realm of analytics, artificial intelligence, database, and information technology, URBANMETRY is making strides with its property data services. You can follow URBANMETRY on Twitter and find more detailed information about the company on its LinkedIn page.


With founders Aston Chua Yee Shen, Huai Swan Khoo, TK Yong, and Win Soh Tian Sheng at the helm, Hometaste is blending the culinary world with IT, offering a unique platform for home-cooked food online. Check out their Facebook page here and their LinkedIn page here.

Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDeC)

MDeC, instituted by Mahadhir Aziz, focuses on enhancing Malaysia’s digital economy, providing powerful incentives for innovative growth in the ICT sector. You can follow MDeC on Twitter, check their Facebook page here, and view their LinkedIn profile here.


Providing a broad spectrum of digital resilience solutions and services, VireServe stands as a prominent name in information services and information technology. Follow their Facebook page here and their LinkedIn page here to get a deeper insight into their operations.


Founded by Elmi Haryadi Daldiri, Dobybox is revolutionizing the consumer laundry industry with its innovative technology solutions. For more insights, you can follow Dobybox on Twitter and their Facebook page here.

Silverlake Axis

Underlined by a foundation of mathematical algorithms, Silverlake Axis, initiated by Goh Peng Ooi, empowers the digital economy with innovative technologies that revolutionize the core banking sector.


Created by Faisal Ariff, BorderPass is another remarkable testament to the IT prowess in Selangor. Follow their technological journey on Twitter, their Facebook page here, and on their LinkedIn page here.


With a focus on commercializing consumer-facing businesses in sectors such as e-commerce, travel, and marketplaces, Olympians is proving to be an intriguing addition to Selangor’s IT field.

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